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It Wasn't Hype, After All It's gonna take a while... I Swear Amy Sounded Like... Does anyone else see the resemblance... Does anyone else see the resemblance... "He's sitting in that chair!" Do FBI Agents Really... 3rd Episode Ending Saved It (No Spoilers) This is Hair, But with Beatles Music People Who MUST Post "I Figured it Out!" View all posts >


Other children? They barely had Ritchie! A lot of epidoses (most?) made little or no references at all to him. Every time I see an episode with him in it, I go "oh, yeah! They have a kid!" My wife and I just watched it. Neither of have read the book, though my wife had seen one of the earlier film versions. The timeline jumps were a bit of a jolt each time, and it took a few moments for us to reset. But we felt it made us work just a bit harder for no good reason. Still, a very enjoyable movie. How odd, then, that you would log on just to let us know. Then I guess I should feel free to say I don't care what you are not interested in. Odo, Deep Space Nine They do it a lot in this show because Frasier and Niles, in particular, like to appear erudite or formal, even in many casual situations. (If you're trying to get a bead on Americans by watching Frasier, then you'll be way off.) Jebus f*cking Ch! bored must you be to post such an inane comment. (No, the irony of me replying to it is not lost on me.) :) More to the point; if the villagers built the wall to keep Kong out, why did they put in a door big enough for him to get through? Hopefully you heard it on a great sound system. Max Steiner's score was (and still is) an absolute work of art! Many years ago I saw it at a small store-front revival theater in Nashville, and the proprietor installed a new sound system for that particular film (and kept it for others that followed, of course.) Wife and I just caught a matinee. Our thought was if... <SPOILERS??> ...The guy was supposed to be dead (which was proven to the authorities how?), and his house had been closed up (as evidenced by everything being covered with sheets and plastic) why wasn't the dog removed to a shelter or something? But even with a few lapses in logic, a pretty good thriller. View all replies >