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"...we never really find out WHY things changed. I would have liked an explanation. I mean, the power went out, and that's when it happened. But what exactly caused it?" But that isn't the story they wanted to tell. That's a different movie. THIS movie was a story of THIS guy and THAT girl. If they appeared out of a vacuum today one would assume they would write music of the time. And most likely improve on it tremendously. It's the director's fault as much as the writers'. Probably more so. And you cite no basis for saying "it's becoming more and more frequent." That may or may not be true, but without actual research, it's perception rather than fact. Hey, don't blame me for having my attention drawn to the strings. Blame the puppeteer! LOL! I'm just gonna have to steal that line. Huge Beatle fan here. I liked this quite a bit. Meant to be light and entertaining and it succeeded quite well. Ah, right! My bad. But I must've missed that, too. Where was the character of Ringo? I doubt it was just the feet scene in Jack's dream, but if so why didn't they credit someone for portraying Paul's bare feet? Do you think there are subtle "appearances" by Paul and George, too? That would've been cool to include, if they didn't. Ah, yes, I did indeed forget that. When the door on that little house opened my jaw dropped. That actor looked EXACTLY what I'd imagine (!) Lennon looking like in old age. There is no mention of that character on IMDB. Also, apparently Ringo had a cameo or small roll in this, according to IMDB. Missed that. A: You had to be there. B: You can find less-than-stellar stuff in any artist's canon. C: Troll elsewhere View all replies >