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Honestly, I don't care if a Beatles biopic broke any "new ground" or not. I would just enjoy watching a well-made, well-acted, old-fashioned biopic of their rise to stardom, liberally sprinkled with their songs. I know this is an old post, but here's my two cents: The residents of this alternate universe refer to things they don't actually have experience with. For example, rain is a word they know, but they've never actually experienced it. And as far as colors, they probably refer to colors, just as characters in actual old B&W shows do. For example, they may recite rhymes like "roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you." They have just never actually seen these colors. Choreography = movement, whether it's swinging on ropes, stomping in rain puddles, dancing with CGI elephants or shuffling with a cartoon mouse. "And STAY off my lawn, little brats!" :-) You're right. The father was certainly included as comic relief, although it's a light comic touch. I personally enjoy the Fritz moments more. Agreed. This movie was a blast. I loved the characters and the actors' performances. The dialogue was very witty and clever. I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed their scenes. You are obviously wrong on every count! (Hahaha, just yankin' yer chain.) But I do disagree. I thought the writing was quick witted and clever. Except for the on-going infidelity/Denzel gag. But the payoff sorta made it okay, too. I love the two leads, and I thought the writing for their scenes was very, very good, and performed to perfection. Yeah, I'm as liberal as they come, but that was a bit much. Maybe Spielberg could've spent just a few more minutes to come up with a better, more artistic way to express the importance of that moment. And I love the knit hat he wore briefly. I wonder why they didn't keep it in. Distracting, maybe? No, a waste of time is logging in, navigating to the page for The Greatest Showman discussions, and posting that you have never watched a musical and do not plan to start now. That is a total waste of time. View all replies >