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The only reason I'd say Carla (the <I>character</i>, not Rhea Perlman, is my least favorite is because most, if not all, of her gags were set up by others to be easily belted out of the park. I think every other character had genuine comic and perhaps even poignant moments. The cast was uniformly excellent, imho. Even Kirstie Alley, who is loathed these days for her political opinions, was a great comedic actress, at least in that show. I don't disagree, but I felt exactly that of the first one. This one's every bit as good, generally, but imho it's not better than the first. Not a biography. My wife and I were just talking about this the other night while watching a Columbo episode. It's such a great would be interesting to see several interpretations. Sorta like how many actors would like to take a crack at Hamlet or Macbeth. Maybe some kind of Fargo-type series, with a new cast east season. Yeah, yeah, I know...that'd never happen...they'd hate being compared to each other. But...can you imagine the ratings?! But, since we're fantasizing... <b>Old Columbo</b> Jack Nicholson. (Jack is my first choice. I sometimes picture him while watching Falk, and the speech pattern and moves are perfect.) Or Jeff Goldblum. (Same as above, although he might get annoying after a while.) Or Al Pacino. (For a deeper take.) And so-o-o-o many others who'd be a joy to watch; Denzel, Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, DeNiro for a <b>Middle-aged Columbo</b> Woody Harrelson maybe? Cumberbatch? For a <b>Female Columbo</b> Francis McDormand (!) Maggie Smith Yeah, I guess "classic" isn't the right word. But another extended success? Not quite at the Cheers or 30 Rock level, but up there. I thought for sure there'd be some backstory there, but no. If it was referencing deleted scenes they should have deleted that shot, too. That question is better asked of Mary Shelley. This happens in the book. It's never spelled out, but I've always felt he'd been so consumed by the challenge of creating life, but gave no thought to his responsibilities to creature. A tale as old as time. You know, the care and feeding of the thing! poison's too dangerous Good observations, pjpurple. I also think they didn't show the finished product because they figured that's not what the show was about. It was about Rob's work and family life. It's like asking why didn't we ever see Ralph Kramden at the wheel of his bus? (Okay yeah, as soon as I wrote that I can see that it's not the same as the OP's point about Carl Reiner being talented and not using his talent on the show. But I like the analogy anyway! 😉) View all replies >