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Why not have included Obama honoring them in the movie? Saw it yesterday. Was fantastic! View all posts >


I thought about that too. But France's François Hollande is a very liberal Socialist. Why is he fair game but Obama is not? Saw it again in IMAX, Monday, 4:15 PM. Trailers: - Miracle Season - Winchester - A Quiet Place - Love, Simon - Alita, Battle Angle - Pacific Rim: Uprising - Ready Player One - Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse - A Wrinkle In Time - Possibly something else I forgot Crowd was like around 10 people, no special reaction. Went 01/25/2018, 7:00 PM, RPX Show Theater had maybe 10-30 other people. Love, Simon Alita: Battle Angle Pacific Rim: Uprising Midnight Sun A Quite Place Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built The 15:17 to Paris Possibly something else I forgot I heard a group of young adults discussing the plot after the movie. Yes! I personally thought this one was better than the first one. The action and the humor in this one is going one step further here. SPOILER!!!! = Both are side characters. Tatum's characters is a guy working at Statesman who first finds Eggsy and Merlin in Kentucky. (They have a short fight) He is frozen a lot of the movie but gets a promotion at the end. Bridges's character is like the head of Statesman. He just sits in a chair for a lot of the movie. Saw the movie yesterday at a fan screening. Was fantastic! How do you call a group that follows a certain religion? People. Doesn't have to be race as conversion is and has been very common through Jewish history. Where did you read them being described as beasts? Jonah in the Old Testament is tasked to warn them to repent. Just that alone means they aren't considered beasts. Of course you can convert. Yes, Trump's daughter converted and now her children are considered Jewish. What's the problem? King David's grandmother Ruth converted to Judaism. ( If it had to do with "blood" the father would have been enough. But it doesn't have to do with "blood". It's a spiritual passing and the female giving the birth has a higher status in Judaism. But still, virtually anyone can convert. I know my Yeshiva accepted children of converts. There are lots of converts around. Even you can convert if you'd like and if it's sincere. I think a better way to have done this film is to focus on certain characters. I only remember George, the guy from Bridge of Spies, his son, the crazy soldier they find and some Generals and only George by name. Like - do any of you remember the characters name's? Other than that I liked the film. Just alone the visuals and the crazy music makes it worth seeing. And the story is kind of amazing. Ok, so here is my prediction. Take out of it whatever you may. Bran. Yes, Bran. Why? A number of reasons. First he's the first character we see in the show. Second, he's the wisest person in the whole show because he's the Three-Eyed Raven. Knowing Dany's ruthlessness I predict that she'll burn Jon/Aegon with a dragon as soon as she finds out that he's the heir to the iron throne. Then someone would likely kill her because of that and Bran would be the only logical choice to the iron throne to prevent things like Robert's rebellion in the future. My best attempt at logical GOT fanfiction. Aside of that virtually anyone can convert to Judaism no matter their background. So again, the person who didn't seem to have done "research" is OP. View all replies >