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It's only at one theater in Omaha with like 2 times. Some SPOILERS: I saw it last night. Farrell plays a surgeon who operates on Martins(the boys) father. Martins' father dies while in surgery. Martin thinks he needs justice, an eye for an eye so he essentially black mails Farrell and states you pick one person of you family and kill them or he was will kill all of them slowly. Farrell starts to go crazy throughout the film and Martin just gets creepier. The way Martin inflicts his pain and injuries on others is something to watch out for. It was never given to you in plain English. I saw the movie last night and had to do a double take to make sure it was her. I was very surprised and thought she fit in with the rest of the cast very well. I use that if I don't know the spelling of something, like someone's name. I feel like it added to his character. Like he was already scummy and a robber that getting some he was thinking with his junk instead of he head. Just saw the film, I felt almost claustrophobic. It was a thrill ride from start to finish. Man, I can't type on my little cell phone. My main language is English. I just can't type. Whitewashed is when you take a story from a different culture, like Japanese, and have all the characters Caucasian. This was done in A Ghost in a Shell starring Scarlet Johansson (sp?) Death Note (2017 Netflix) I enjoyed this movie as more of time filler. I have always been interested in the original story. It was a whitewashed. I thought Riouk was looked great. Good to hear. I'm seeing this tomorrow I see a bunch of in theater films (about 1-2 per week) by myself. I got my fiancée to go with me to see this film and I was obsessed with it after! I looked up interviews with the director and listened to the soundtrack for about a week after. My fiancée said it wasn't for her. View all replies >