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He most certainly is a great actor, no matter his sexuality. After reading these comments, which are pretty tame compared to DM, it's no wonder they'd like do something else. I've watched this game for years and I've noticed the final puzzles difficulty was based on the amount of money the contestant won to get to the bonus round. Now those puzzles are long enough to be used during regular gameplay. The audience no longer groans when the player doesn't get the answer correct, because even they know the contestant had no chance to solve the puzzle. On a side note, I think the bonus round wheel is rigged with multiple wedges containing the same dollar amount. An example of 'white privilege' is the way this latest opioid addiction crisis is being labled. Nowadays, addiction is looked at as a DISEASE since it's killing more whites. On the other hand, when black and brown folks were getting hooked on hard cocaine they were labeled super predators and locked away or shot dead. Jewish men are sexy. I only heard the gunfire on the AM radio station I like listening to. I was surprised at just how quickly the good guy(s) responded. Nothing wrong with a supporting role. Excuse me, I never blamed the man in office for the racism against black people. Racial 'discrimination' is still very current and real. Who are you blaming for all the heroin overdoses? Oh yeah, I forgot - drug addiction is a disease. Any kind of self hate is no laughing matter, but since your focus is on black people, I have to take issue. All of our lives, we are told we're not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough to compete with the white race. Our parents/grandparents were indoctrinated by those beliefs, and they raised children with that mindset: showing preference to lighter skinned children with straighter hair and delicate features, and a host of other ways that divide our race to this day. I will say that hearing from my own family that my hair is too nappy and my nose and lips too big, did prepare me for what I was to experience in life. What's not to love about that? It's bad enough that I can't look at a mushroom anymore without being disgusted, but I'll take her word for it. View all replies >