LemmyLugosi's Replies

This is one of the worst films in the zombie genre! And to make matters worse, it had a helluva budget; it could have been one of the very best. 60% is a failing grade at every school in America. Not without a nemesis, it won't. No Batman = no Joker in this ridiculous attempt at being edgy for edgy's sake. My problem with the film is this: Why make a DC property into a film if it is not ever going to be connected to any other DC film properties? Considering the craptastic films we've gotten since the Nolan trilogy ended, this makes zero sense. Even if the Joker film is excellent, why make a one-off? It's absurd. Sheeeeit, the 1990 miniseries SUCKED then, too. Don't forget ageist. I thought that incels were already psychopaths. I'm waiting for cable or streaming. It was terrible. John-Boy is not only a poor actor, he needs to cut off the distraction/mole. Judge Harry Stone is also a lame-o. And don't get me started on Venus Flytrap. Frank N. Furter is great, as usual. But he can't be in *every* scene! The original miniseries suuuuuucks. Depends on who's writing the reviews. And *never* trusting them? That's the real rookie mistake being made here, pally. I realize that studios need to make money to continue creating films, but there are several franchises that have really worn out their welcome with me.... they've pretty much ruined my enjoyment of any more sequels from the following: A L I E N Predator Terminator The Matrix etc. etc. etc. Agreed! ok repunklicant Hadn't heard that! Well, that is a plus. Well, they've definitely saved the best trailer for last. I've been quite unimpressed by the previous trailers, but this one looked far better than the others. But, a PG-13 "bloodbath" will probably not be very bloody. I still have some ambivalence about this project, but I might see it in the theater now as opposed to waiting for streaming or cable. Maybe. I was referring to the original miniseries. The original miniseries was shit. "Source material by King, can't go wrong with this." I have three words for you: UNDER THE DOME Better than Shaun of the Dead?!? Blasphemy! "Shut up and play yer guitar." - Frank Zappa