LemmyLugosi's Replies

Carter He is also the most disgusting person on this site. Thank you for this. I think she's beautiful. LMAO PTSD is not a 100% "on all of the time" issue. I have CPTSD, and you wouldn't know it at all most of the time. Please God, no. This is absolutely one of the very worst films I have ever seen, and I have been a film buff since the 1960's. Oh look, it's another American fucking idiot The only two Batman films that I would call great are Batman (1989) and Batman Begins (2005). All of the other films have some seriously glaring flaws that I just can't ignore. I hope for another good experience with this new one, but my actual expectations are are low. Because they must tolerate you. Not a fucking chance. I (and I hope the voters) will take dismantling billionaires and Corporate Amerikkka over dismantling the middle class and Trump's crushing abuses of the poverty-stricken every time. Honestly? I no longer even care if Trump's ousted by even the most incredibly harsh and violent means. He must go. Bingo! You put it on, then, bucko. All great points, and well-stated. I do hope that Disney can keep the MCU steamroller going; as a much older fan, this has been the cinematic journey of a lifetime (I've been reading and collecting comics since 1968). Whatever happens, good, bad or ugly, I'm sure it will at least be interesting. I could not agree more with you! There's only one SW trilogy. The rest don't even exist to me; I think of them all as some rich (but very misguided) folks' attempt at fan fiction! I think that your mother should play WW's asshole. LMMFAO Agreed. I don't post 'em, and I'm sure as hell not clicking on 'em, either. She's awesome.