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Zombieland: Fugly Hideous... Is she a true ginger? This looks like.... PISSED! Around the.... I thought that it was.... So, you've seen it? What is the best time to... The "I'm Italian" commercial.... View all posts >


I pretty much agree. The ones that you mentioned are, by many country miles, QT's best three films. But I'd add just one more great one at #4: Inglourious Basterds. I don't care for the others he's created, though. Truly. So very sad. I've always hated Furlong in almost everything he's been in. He's just so fuckin' whiny all the time, and especially so in T2. MCU would like to have a word... I'm hoping for a poor box office showing for A2. No one wants, needs or even asked for this. Except maybe a few nimrods that got those STUPID Avatard tattoos back when the first one was in theaters. Deadists tubi.... or not tubi. That is the question. It should be Obvious to you, Captain.... welcome to the ignore list. Just like BvS was the biggest movie during its time. Now, it's just another turd in the DC punchbowl. View all replies >