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PISSED! Around the.... I thought that it was.... So, you've seen it? What is the best time to... The "I'm Italian" commercial.... No better.... Don't waste your time... And thennnnn.......there were none!! Keaton >>>> Bale When Morgan reached deep inside... View all posts >


She's an average looking woman at best. And the more I see The Handmaid's Tale, the less attractive she becomes. All those looooong close-ups of her nothingface. And you're an asshole if you make another post Exactly HOW does Manson look like a hero in the film? He was in it for, like, 35 seconds or so. They all die at the end. It's sad that anyone is stupid enough to believe in Trump. At least 25. I miss real music. He definitely is. And your response is another one. View all replies >