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I think my favourite parts were with the Caribbean lady. Her face was such a refreshing change from the female leads constant twitching. And Pitt's use of some version of Island-speak was interesting, similar to another favourite part, the IRS reveal, where he surprises everyone and comes down hard on the bad guy. Yeah, it was cheesy overacting overemoting to show she was confused. I seriously doubt any doctor is in the habit of letting the mask drop that much, even after hours. Their training is to not engage and not reveal personal reactions. That made it all the more ridiculous and implausible. I get that she was confused, but so was I as her individual expressions were mostly not meaningful, unlike, say, HOpkins' in this movie. Exactly. He meant it innocently, but his wife was embarrassed that he said it, especially since he interrupted her father, whom she dotes on in the extreme. Hence her "how could you" cringe face at his tactlessness. Yeah, I wondered why I had to use subtitles for Pitt and Forlani. Not for Hopkins, though. I get that Death had his own low-energy kind of passive aggressive "I'm important, so I get to mumble" bullshit, but it's as annoying to watch in a movie as it is in real life. I couldn't hear him half the time and wanted to slap him. I have exceptionally good hearing. Yeah, Death was way too innocent. Did he never inhabit a body before? I have to believe it's the first time, cuz he is as naive as a child. Which I get is intentional, but I don't think it works. Where's the discussion of his retardation or mental illness? Well, I'm only halfway through the movie and I remember now why I didn't finish it the first time. Hopkins is amazing, and Pitt, after he dies and isn't charming anymore, is hard to watch and not that interesting, especially since people's reactions to him aren't that interesting. Bad script writing, I guess. I agree it elevated the film. I dislike blues music generally, but once I realized why it was used, it fit well. The fact he's a man, a sexist man, experiencing a women's point of view. We don't have to agree. I first noticed the annoying bouncy music early on when the couple were holding hands in a limo. It seemed very out of place. Then I realized it was Memphis type music, not their music. And they are soon to be shown to be out of place in the Memphis they signed on for. The music is perfect, and as another thread mentioned, it hasn't dated, unlike cheezy synth music of the time. Him in drag is not funny per se. Tootsie's character is interesting, even if she were actually female. The fact of an arrogant sexist make having to learn what life as a woman is like, and how well-written all that is, is fucking hilarious. His obsessive-compulsive approach to his drag is funny, more so than the drag. He is not campy. He is trying to look like a real older woman, and he does it well. It's funny when the father of the woman he is interested in hits on him. Bill Murray's deadpan is funny. How Tootsie gets back at the pervy male actor is so righteously funny. The fact he's a man, not actually a woman, makes it ironically much funnier. Etc. I've just seen it and I loved it. Beautiful art, justice, a true story, and gorgeous settings - oh, and excellent acting. No action scenes, no cretins except the Nazis, no horrible music. View all replies >