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Gotcha, him being at a crossroads makes total sense, thanks for the reply! Definitely agree with what you said about his muscularity being a front, here's a clip where Barry Jenkins talks about this in an interview - He goes on to say he wanted the audience to initially be taken aback by how different Black is from Little/Chiron but after some time the audience can still see the little, scared kid in him. I didn't see Chiron as being very "self-assure and smooth", quite the opposite actually. I remember one little scene where him and that younger drug dealer are in his apartment and he tries to play a joke on the younger guy when the younger guy is counting the money but the joke totally did not work, the younger guy did not realize it was a joke and did not find it funny at all. Someone who was "self-assure and smooth" would have been able to pull off that joke but someone who lacked confidence wouldn't have. Another scene at the end when he confides to Kevin that he hasn't let another person touch him since their moment together on the beach showed this still existent vulnerability that building up all the muscles and adding these layers of armour were trying to hide. I'm mostly on your side too but just thought that excuse he gave at the end, and maybe how the actor delivered it, made it seem just a teeny bit sincere. Regardless, thanks for your open candidness and I wish you and your husband all the best! I also definitely agree that the guy at the end was a dorky gentleman and much more of a man than the guy in the car. I think her main physical characteristic is not being comfortable with her body, something which a lot of middle school kids go through. Whether she looks like an average middle class kid or an Ozzark hillbilly, is besides the point. So in that respect, I thought she was incredibly relatable. On the contrary, I would argue this movie is less of a fantasy and more of a realism type of film, along the lines of Moonlight and The Florida Project. It's about a real problem in today's world and doesn't have a happy ending. I think given the father's circumstances (mainly his PTSD), he did the best he could. Have you seen it yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts after seeing it The question of the father living alone in the wilderness with his teenage daughter does come up, but it never felt weird to me, the movie does a great job of showing their loving, genuine relationship that you can get past that and just enjoy the beauty (and melancholy) of the film. You should definitely check it out, it hit me a lot harder than I was expecting. iirc the locker was empty and I thought it signified that Marina needs to move on, she misses Orlando so much but she needs to stop dwelling on the past and move on. The whole key sub-plot also adds a great deal of tension to the movie too. I think the first time Reynolds and Alma have dinner he talks to her about why he's not married and how his family is cursed since his mother had to re-marry because his father died and his sister isn't married. Personally, I think the curse he feels is more due to his dedication to his trade (dressmaking) which seems to control most of his life and makes it hard to have a meaningful, long-lasting relationship with someone else. Definitely rooting for Willem Dafoe from "The Florida Project" for Best Supporting Actor and “Mystery of Love” from “Call Me by Your Name” by Sufjan Stevens for Best Original Song. And I didn't hear much about Phantom Tread but it got quite a few nominations and my favourite film critic Justin Chang of the LA Times loved it so I plan on checking it out before the big show. Great video! I didn't know it was largely improvised. And that Hidden Gems of Cinema playlist you made looks awesome. I like watching older, less popular movies like WWDITS and don't have anyone to talk to about it but watching videos like the one you made are a great way for me to see other people's reactions to the movies. View all replies >