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"Oh, look at that ass." You know man if we ever make it home... Hmm. One of the greatest noir writers ever and not a single topic. No they didn't give me a chaser. June 19. View all posts >


"But why are you so easily offended and crying over what I said? If you enjoy xenophobic shit, go right ahead. I'm not stopping you." C'mon dude. I was with you until this sentence. "Crying"? Does insulting others makes you feel better about yourself? "I just think it's annoying, stupid and tiresome how "the other" is portrayed in every single Indiana Jones movie." Including the Germans and Russians in the other films? Did you give a shit about their portrayal? Me neither because it's a fucking movie. "The Indiana Jones movies are full of xenophobic shit. It's just a tiresome trope to make the American hero look better." And who would you like the globe trotting, action hero, archeologist to fight? Should we all watch the rough cut of new films and fill out surveys of how much they offended us, or offended others by proxy, so we can make sterile, soulless films where nothing of consequence happens and whatever does happen is focused grouped to make sure no one is even remotely offended, or God forbid, intrigued or excited? Maybe Indiana Jones and The Participation Trophy for Everyone. How is it you people are so easily offended? Rhetorical question. You're not. You're high on the feeling of being offended for others. Not as cerebral as Vertigo but more fun. Might be the first modern action movie. As always Cary Grant is a presence. 10/10 Agreed. Why was the sexuality of the other presenters not mentioned? Simple answer: It doesn't matter. Kurt Russel lived and acted through that period of history in Hollywood. He was a child actor and was featured in many films and TV shows of the time. That's enough for me to provide a link to justify his narration. I'm watching it now. Just started it. Red Letter Media. I like Jay a lot. He know his stuff and has a good personality. "I’m from the UK and have not heard of this kind of hooliganism before." C'mon man. You guys (not all) specifically go to games to get in fights with rival FCs. And as an Eagles fan, well, this year some fans did start a fight in the parking lot with a famous NBA player because he was wearing a Reskins jersey. So it happens but it's rare. ATG6 Agreed. This is a film. The Marvel movies are popcorn movies. I'm not trying to trash talk the Marvel movies. Obviously people like them and that's good but this felt like a graphic novel some to life and I will never, ever, understand the hate it gets. The concussion of the blast. It can scramble your insides. One of the best films ever made. View all replies >