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I am too stupid, please help me out Season 2 comments + Fans wish-fulfilment? Season 4 - Comments Why the hell just not release the Video-proof of Defense Minister capturing the russian President So good!! Punisher season 2 comments ep 2 - 10 Mariah goes full evil ep 2 - 9 - holy shit at the Mariah monologue prison gay Ending minutes of Season 2 ?! View all posts >


Yea.. I found that weird - just put a zombie mask on = zombies think you are one of them? In the seasons before you needed tons of zombie-meat-stuff to put all over your body to stay 'hidden' Felt the same way, really felt cool and fresh for me after the first few episodes of season 9 It began for me with the Rick 'dieing' Episode, getting us back to season one with his police partner asking him if Judith got his eyes. Cool Space battle sounds terrible. Just 2 overpowered beings blasting each other in the nothingness of space. If you mean x-men in a space ship, we had that in the beginning of the movie. Like the last fight in matrix 3. Disagree that all mutants have just a basic mutation to live forever. That is not established at all. It was actually the superpower of Wolverine (healing fast and not/hardly aging) Cool Yea I was thinking 'ok, they are replaying the whole new-version' since the movie with the time travel. And in this version of the universe Xavier has more character flaws. well Super-Powerful is always boring it seems to me (But good phoenix even much more so) Cool Totally View all replies >