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I must admit I gave this movie a miss as a teenager when it came out. I just thought it looked too dumb and childish for me at the time. However being a big John Lithgow fan, I finally decided to watch it after all these years. I must say I found it enjoyable and admit that I missed out by not bothering to watch it in previous years. Perhaps a bit of nostalgia for the 80s drove me to finally watch it, but I can say quite categorically that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually was. 8/10 from me. Sounds pretty good to me. LOL. I do accept some of your points, but I also have to admit that 'Doctor Who' immediately started to go down hill at a rate of knots for me, the moment Steve Moffat took over direction and Matt Smith (who was my least favorite Doctor of all time) became the Doctor. I've also been irked by the increasing levels of political correctness that began to saturate the show and it was practically only Peter Capaldi's portrayal of the Doctor that made it still watchable. So now we have the ultimate surrender to Political correctness in Dr Who becoming a woman. Sadly a response to Militant Feminism, the Me To movement, and a choir of abusive, woke people of the Far Left wing persuasion who couldn't wait to give middle finger to middle aged white men or anyone else who didn't want to see the Doctor have a sex change. The funny thing is, many like myself may have accepted the idea of a Dr Who becoming a woman if it had some how happened more naturally over time, rather than being forced upon us in response to the above. I think they may just as well keep having female Doctors for the rest of time now. Those who stopped watching when the the Doctor changed his gender (like myself) and destroyed the shows legacy are unlikely to ever watch again. Even if another male is chosen. Bring back peter Capaldi to film an alternative episode to the 2017 Christmas special, in which he, as the 12th and final incarnation of the Doctor finally dies in a dramatic movie length special. Then wait a year or so and create a completely rebooted 'Doctor Who' starting from the beginning with this Jodie Whittaker and her episodes (none of which I've ever watched) forming the very first Doctor. You can then have as many female or gay doctors as you like then, as far as I'm concerned. Too late, Ayoade was meant to be the 13th Doctor but then Doctor Who had a sex change and completely destroyed the legacy. Sounds good. Although I'd prefer it wasn't a total reboot, but simply deleted all reference to the last 3 years and picked up from Peter Capaldi's 2nd last episode, with a new regeneration episode filmed in which Capaldi regenerates in to the 13th doctor played by Richard Ayoade. Kind of ironic that he died of heart disease (Gerry and the PACEMAKERS; get it). Never the less, R.I.P to a music legend. The 2017 Christmas special was the very last new Doctor Who episode I have ever watched. No more needs to be said really. Not sure it was the very best Elvis movie, though it was beautifully shot in parts and imminently watchable. Whether you liked all that Latin style music or not, it was plain to hear that Elvis was in great voice for this one. View all replies >