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OH MY GOD I COULD HARDLY THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE BUT HYACINTH BUCKET THROUGH OUT. The resemblance in looks, speaking voice and YES THAT SINGING VOICE were all absolutely uncanny. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves and everyone else. LOL. I accept other peoples explanation of Agnes Stark defending Florence. I think the real question you should be asking is why were the soldiers booing Florence and telling her to get off the stage ? I mean I thought they all knew she couldn't sing from the record she made, but loved her singing for the comic joy it brought. so what transpired to explain their changed expectations ? yeah, if you go by the Robert Downey Jr. movies, both Holmes and Watson are apparently gay. Absolutely. Michael Caine in 'Without a Clue' with Ben Kingsley as Watson, LOL. Oh and Robert Downey Jr. the worst Holmes. My initial reaction when I saw the heading of your post "Under rated movie?" was one of bemusement because I knew this to be a very highly rated movie by critics and loved by millions of people. But then I gazed up to the top of the screen and saw an IMDB rating of 6.9/10, and all I could say was WHAT THE FUCK ? I couldn't believe it. Apparently it is massively underrated after all (by IMDB VOTERS Anyway). I've decided I needed to come back to this discussion again after several years, in this, the post IMDB era. The reason being that I have just watched another old western (not a comedy this time) called 'The Unforgiven' (not 'Unforgiven' with clint Eastwood), which was made in 1960 and stared Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn. With out going into the plot, I can tell you that there were a couple of racist quotes, including people saying "red skin niggers" and "red hide niggers" to describe native American Indians. This makes believe that it's perfectly possible that Calamity Jane did in fact, say "red skin nigger heathens" in this comedy. What can you say about Brooke-Taylor's persona in particular regards to the Goodies ? He so often came across as an eccentric, ridiculous, pompous, namby pamby, middles class twit on screen and boy did we love him for it. LOL. Just like everyone else, he and the other two Goodies were a huge part of my early childhood and the world will be that little bit poorer for the loss of Tim. Although I didn't notice the boom mikes myself, it doesn't surprise me because the director must have been so desperate to try and pick up as much of the mumbled dialogue as they could, that it's little wonder they got to close with the mikes on occasion. Absolutely. Seriously it should be called 'Mumbling'. I'm guessing about 90% of the audience would have had to have used subtitles when watching sections of this. His singing hurt the ears and the sight of him hurt the eyes, lol. View all replies >