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Definitely Lauren Bacall. Yes, it's called 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Flogging A Dead Horse' The funny thing is many English critics complained he sounded too Australian when he played English characters and Australian critics complained he sounded English when he played Lt. Brumby in Jag. Personally as an Australian, I always thought there was a bit of doubt about his accent and Australianess. Now I know the truth that he was indeed British born and bread. Be that as it may, it's sad that his been gone some 16 years now. Don't forget that she ripped of her employer (at the cafe) by letting the girls have their food for free. As infuriating as all those things were about her, I still wouldn't personally go as far as to say she deserved what came to her. I admit I've never actually watched Inside Out, but from the shorts of seen of it, it looks like absolute garbage. However I quite enjoyed the Good Dinosaur and I'm glad I watched it. Blimey, you aint half tough on the poor little blighters. Have a heart Miss. Totally agree. I'd say the film out stayed it's welcome by about 10 to 15 minutes. The one problem I had with Chastain's Russian accent was that it was difficult to understand sometimes. However, what delighted me about this movie was the fact that most of the actors spoke in the native accent (even if they were speaking in the English language). This made it so much easier to get into the feel of the stories Polish setting, rather than listening to a bunch of actors talking in British or American accents. If it's really so corny or wrong for an actor who is British, American or Australian etc to do a phony foreign accent while speaking in English, then I say we probably need to have more films like this in which most of the actors come from the place in question and are permitted to use the accent. Well that's just it. It didn't really end at all. I'm not exactly sure EerieForest was right in saying Bardot smiled after the bitch slapping she received. You got the feeling the marriage was still well and truly over but quite frankly everything including the fate of the older guy (the boss) after being shot was well and truly left up in the air I wonder whether they were the first nude scenes she had ever done ? She was only 19 there, so it's quite likely. View all replies >