CharlieS's Replies

Thanks! Solid 7.5 out of 10. Not original per se (Blair Witch, The Descent), but it does a great job at building tension without lazy quick cutting at close angles like a lot of bad horror flicks do these days. Great performances, beautiful landscape, legit creepy atmosphere. I was glued to my seat and didn't look at my watch once. A bit of confusion near the end, but it didn't sour what came before. Recommended. After having just finished the first book the movie is based on, the trailer is far too revealing of certain plot details. For those interested in the movie, I would just stop the trailer right after Portman sees the 'shimmer' so you can be surprised watching the film. The fatigue set in for me watching this movie. Great list. The Mary Poppins Scene (nice one!) will go down in infamy. I would add: - Whatever Rose said to Finn before she croaked; some horribly, cringe-inducing tripe about love that, in that moment, felt like a Family Guy parody - Adam Driver's face. The guy can not emote to save his life. One expression only. He and Keanu might be brothers. - The shirtless Adam Driver scene. Vital to the story. - The sexual innuendo in the scene with that alien in the aviator shades talking about the code-breaker guy. She says something like, "Oh, he's good at everything." - That genius Kylo Ren couldn't figure out that Luke wasn't actually there after the pummeling and barrage of laser beams - We've seen how powerful the Force is. Yet there are battles where they don't use it to its full effect because the fight would be too easy. Selective usage to buoy the drama I guess. - Luke's storyline has been overcooked a thousand times. This is the trite "curmudgeonly retired man has to be persuaded to do ONE LAST JOB." - Did I mention Adam Driver? - Benicio Del Toro in Star Wars? Seriously? - I love Laura Dern, but she was miscast. She doesn't exactly project authority. Judi Dench would have smoked that part. I loved the book, loved the Lumet adaptation. I haven't seen this one yet, but I was hoping for a different take on the ending. Part of the problem with a mystery remake is that the investment of paying close attention in hopes of trying to figure out who did it is out the window. You already know in advance, so it doesn't bear any fruit to play audience detective. That takes away the fun of the movie for me. Yet, you want to be faithful to the novel which has a genius ending. Which begs the question: Why remake this? To me it sounds like Branagh just wanted to play a great part. I hope they do 'something' to the ending to make it fresh. Yep, definitely distracting considering it's a similar genre and he's part of a kid gang on bikes in the 80s. In the book, all the boys took turns having sex with her with her consent, fr. It had something to do with the plot from what I vaguely remember. I was only 15 or so when I read it and even then it seemed just a tad sexist. I can see why Lynch made Dougie/Cooper a vegetable for a while, maybe half of the 18 episodes, but we're now up to episode 15 in an 18 episode season. This has been torture to watch. May the fork in the outlet free the man.