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It deleted its account apparently. Awww it didn’t like what it heard. Poor gender confused person… Now goes by was/were If you don't know then you're proof that some people still need helmets and water wings when they eat a bowl of soup. The deformed monstrosity of a gash that's left behind when they transition from male to "female" My tattoos don’t smell like shit or have blood and shit oozing out of them. I also don’t have to dilate my tattoos or scoop clumps of hair out of them. See? Jason Statham was right the machine does exist He's still living in the attic with Marcia waiting for cousin Oliver to sign the peace accords. I don't wear socks it's still too warm here in Florida. Go buy some more tickets to your mentally ill movie, you might help it crack the top 100. I predict it'll end at the stroke of midnight on Nov 1. Miami Vase? More than lives in Chicago for sure. I said the exact same thing about Boyz N the Hood. At least when she dances there's not a dong flopping around in her pants. Wait..the B in LGBT stands for bi..that means there's only two sexes. Oops!