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Rotten Tomatoes Score of it skewed? Do you think the sequel will be just as good? Just what the heck did his father do?? Baddest ass vampire movie ever Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby....two old white dudes Not seeing it, not for the reasons you may think The Fedex commercial based on the movie was hilarious Couldn't they both have crawled into the med pod? Jim needed to wake Aurora up So if these countries aren't shit holes, why aren't liberals flocking to travel agencies to go vacation there? View all posts >


I don't think Uwe Boll has ever had a positive anything :D And there's a blast from bad movie past. As real as Narnia. Wow seriously it's not gonna hit theaters? What a buzzkill. He could have used HGH under supervision of a trainer. I can see the alternate movie now... "This is Bob the plumber, Joe the electrician, and Steve the accountant...they've been with our family for years ever since daddy got beat in the final round of a spelling bee in the third grade." They did a pretty good one in X-Men Origins: Wolverine Good God it was a movie scene it's not like he took it straight in the pooper... That's like saying Ving Rhames was typecast forever as a BDSM victim because he got butt slammed by Zed in Pulp Fiction Yep, their shows are getting way too predictable..and I wish Meloni would come back. Nope said Season 2 is coming soon. Oh God I hated that edit..... "Motherlover Jones" - Horrible Bosses View all replies >