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Musk renews bid for Twitter, study conducted shows bots may be greater than 80% of Twitter See what happens when you don't let a peacock spread their wings? I heard he slaps his way to freedom in this one A. Earl Brown deserved an Oscar Would the series have been better with Spielberg? This guy did the smart thing Biden administration scales back student debt relief for MILLIONS of Americans in stunning reversal Should have had a sequel View all posts >


It deleted its account apparently. Awww it didn’t like what it heard. Poor gender confused person… Now goes by was/were If you don't know then you're proof that some people still need helmets and water wings when they eat a bowl of soup. The deformed monstrosity of a gash that's left behind when they transition from male to "female" My tattoos don’t smell like shit or have blood and shit oozing out of them. I also don’t have to dilate my tattoos or scoop clumps of hair out of them. See? Jason Statham was right the machine does exist He's still living in the attic with Marcia waiting for cousin Oliver to sign the peace accords. View all replies >