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loads of 80s cheesiness, low budget and some bad acting but fun or enjoyable, underrated imo. i just realized right now that waxwork and witchboard use the exact same house. funny. i never noticed. yeah, love dream warriors, blob, and psycho 'bout... it takes two (1988) - buys fake Lamborghini, has a couple issues Transylvania twist (1989) - Witchboard (1986) - Spellbinder (1988) waxwork (1988) Girlfriend from Hell (1989) Vampire Journals (1997) (and anything by full moon studios) Keep her legs in the air and erect for hours - <b>Jeremys 9:1/2-69</b> dare i say.... a murder of crowes actually, i disagree with people who say zep ripped off Spirit's "Taurus" song. did it inspire stairway intro? sure, probably. the bands definitely knew each other. they played venues together. but its certainly changed enough. other songs are completely ripped or changed slightly or patchworked together. songs by willie dixon, howlin wolf, etc. here;s a couple songs you can look for similarities: The Small Faces-You Need Loving (written by willie dixon) Joan Baez - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (written by Anne Bredon) interestingly enough these artists recorded the songs without giving the writers credit either. Zep has settled out of court and added credits to the albums over the years. no doubt they took parts from many songs and made them into great songs. obviously everyone borrows and is inspired by other bands. but zep has had some blatant rip offs. Native-American is offensive to many Indians. my native friends prefer "American Indians" which they always used and are offended by the removal of the word Indian. A Serbian Film yeah i really had no expectations and knew nothing of either one and was pleased with both. i will say i think the cottage is the better movie. if you havent seen it, watch The Cottage with the expectation that its a bumbling crime comedy, and be prepared that is all its going to be and enjoy the ride. if youre not in the mood for a silly crime flick you might be disappointed. You Might Be the Killer (2018) The Cottage (2008) View all replies >