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One of the best Bond movies ever Amazing for Hays code era Did Robarts die at the end? *spoiler* So the Bond series ended So disgusting for black people Could it be that it was Joss main target to get himself killed? Could it be that Kates father was a villain too? So all lefties are pedos CG is destroying Bond ... or thats what the crybabies haven destroyed already By far the best Godzilla movie since the original One of the best movies at least of 2018/2019 Mediocre action movie with a lot of plotholes! You know a series is dead, when there are characters from other dimensions. Rey is officially the worst Star Wars character ever. Worst agenda driven MCU movie before Captain Marvel trash. How could Pristol run away after he was captured. Why has Mike Yurkil killed Vance Edmonds anyway? Dolly had braces - but why doesnt she wear them on VHS, LaserDisc and later 35 mm copies So there are idiots which really are too dumb for that piece of art