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The film delivered in my opinion Star Wars film? Two face reveal still gives me chills! 2nd best Batman film in my opinion Really good but a bit disappointing Best scene was the..... I find it hard to believe....(SPOILERS) It's good but the original is better The avengers already.... Really good but not better than 2004's 'Spider-Man 2' View all posts >


I'm sure it'll be in the beginning. For the first time in the Daniel Craig era the gun barrel was in the beginning in 'Spectre.' Don't know why they would all of a sudden decide not for the gun barrel be in the beginning of Bond 25. So yeah it'll absolutelty be in the beginning. I'm really excited that Blofeld is coming back. It's the right thing to do to be honest. Blofeld is Bond's archenemy and they brought him back in 2015's 'Spectre' after more than 30 years and got arrested at the end of the film and that couldn't be it for Blofeld. Obviously Rami is playing the villain which means that Blofeld be will be taking a backseat. But the question on mind is: Is Rami's character connected to Blofeld?? Really can't wait for this film. I don't know how they'll explain this. Akeem didn't sleep with anyone while he was in America. They only woman he slept was Lisa. The whole long lost son plot doesn't make sense to me which is making me lose faith in the sequel. The only logical explanation maybe is that Akeem had sex with his bathers. In the original Akeem and his father discuss having sex with their bathers so maybe one of the bathers got pregnant and the King set her to America. Another possibility to explain this is that the plot twist will reveal that Semmi is actually the father as he was the one sowing his royal oats lol. So yeah the plot doesn't make sense. It's like the writers didn't watch the original. So yeah I'm curious on how they'll explain where the son came from? Desmond will always be THE Q. However I really like Ben Wishaw as Q. He's not bad at all in my opinion. It's not a reboot exactly. It's a direct sequel to 'Judgement Day' ignoring all the sequels that followed. It’s the worst one out of the 4 in my opinion I’m looking forward to this. Only thing I’m worried is the plot. Paramount Pictures confirmed that the plot is about King Akeem going back to America to look for his long lost son. That doesn’t make sense to me. Who did Akeem sleep with while he was in America? Was it Patrice??? The whole long son thing seems really forced to me. Not sure how they’re going to explain it I agree. It's getting repetitive. Yeah I agree. Also I think it'll be best if Blofeld returns. He was arrested in the previous film and that just can't be it for Bond's archenemy. He must return in the next film to wreck havoc in Bond's life. He's had hit movies after 'The Nutty Professor.' 'Dr. Dolittle', 'Bowfinger', 'Shrek' and 'Dreamgirls were all hit movies. View all replies >