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James Bond meets Kung Fu The Rev-9 was similar... It delivered! The first one is better Good but disappointing The film delivered in my opinion Star Wars film? Two face reveal still gives me chills! 2nd best Batman film in my opinion Really good but a bit disappointing View all posts >


Or the second trailer could come by late February. Yeah there’s still a possibility that Akeem didn’t father anyone. Towards the end of the original on the train Lisa says “Your father said you came to America to sow you royal oats” which Akeem replies “oh no I came to Queens to find you.” So I doubt Akeem would lie to Lisa at that point that he sowed his royal oats to anyone in America which is why this lost son plot seems forced. They’ve got a lot explaining to do lol Interesting that you think Alec is one of the worst villians. Yes I agree with you that 'Skyfall' and 'Spectre' mimic 'GoldenEye'. I don't think 'GoldenEye' is the most obscure story line. I'd say it's the most unique story especially at the time it was released in 1995. Bond going against a villain who's an ex-MI6 agent. This was never seen before in the series which made the film feel fresh. Alec Trevelyan. Hands down Yeah ‘Men in Black 3’ even grossed more than the original at the box office. Saw ‘Judgement Day’ for the first time on VHS when I was a kid. Saw ‘Dark Fate’ at the cinema. They've confirmed that Ghostbusters 3 is set in the same universe of the first two films ignoring 2016's female led 'Ghostbusters.' And they've confirmed the original cast is returning. For some reason I don't think we'll see remakes of Bond films. What actor hasn’t been in crap movies? Lol. He’s got at least 10 classic movies in his career . At this point in Eddie’s career he’s nothing to prove. He’s a legend. Yeah you’re right. I agree View all replies >