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The film delivered in my opinion Star Wars film? Two face reveal still gives me chills! 2nd best Batman film in my opinion Really good but a bit disappointing Best scene was the..... I find it hard to believe....(SPOILERS) It's good but the original is better The avengers already.... Really good but not better than 2004's 'Spider-Man 2' View all posts >


I’m looking forward to this. Only thing I’m worried is the plot. Paramount Pictures confirmed that the plot is about King Akeem going back to America to look for his long lost son. That doesn’t make sense to me. Who did Akeem sleep with while he was in America? Was it Patrice??? The whole long son thing seems really forced to me. Not sure how they’re going to explain it I agree. It's getting repetitive. Yeah I agree. Also I think it'll be best if Blofeld returns. He was arrested in the previous film and that just can't be it for Bond's archenemy. He must return in the next film to wreck havoc in Bond's life. He's had hit movies after 'The Nutty Professor.' 'Dr. Dolittle', 'Bowfinger', 'Shrek' and 'Dreamgirls were all hit movies. I totally agree It’s not a reboot. It’s set in the same universe of the original 3 films. It even has Agent O from ‘Men in Black 3’ I'd say Edgar Wright By the way the reason why Daniel's movies have never exactly fit in the continuity of the old films cos they're are reboot (not a soft reboot tribute) with a complete new timeline with Bond at the start of his 00 career with a dark and realistic approach inspired by the Nolan Batman and Bourne films. But anyway the producers are just fucking it up. Having Bond killed at the end of the film is a stupid ridiculous bad idea. I don't blame Danny Boyle for leaving. And yeah I hate to admit they're probably gonna make Bond a codename in the future at some point and it shouldn't be that way at all. Bond is one man. End off. If Bond 25 can't make the 2019 release date the producers should just get a new Bond. After all Daniel Craig's Bond got a good send off at the end of 'Spectre.' I read somewhere online that the Rowan Atkinson towards the end of 2017 he had an idea for another Mr. Bean movie where Mr. Bean is an old man. I'm not sure when they'll get the ball moving for a potential 3rd movie. There’s a scene where it shows he gets bitten by a vampire but doesn’t tell the others in fear of getting killed View all replies >