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CNN anchors getting drunk on new year's? worst movie opening ever? Child suffering in films does nothing for me, animal suffering I can't stand. Do you think anyone actually read the script? So how to explain the two aliens? The theatrical version is the best version. Would you call it pandering? What makes Ripley work? View all posts >


no, the cultist, dogmatic elites that welcome Gunn are. I apologize, I've seen people of color refer to Lemon as a Coon on twitter so I didn't think it was that bad. Nothing too gross?? animal torture is disgusting. I do loved his performance. why was her mother's corpse beheaded? I'm not really sure she was that inbred. but isn't the tobey mcguire spider man peter b. parker and the real one? what did they die of? maybe it was tragic luck that the ones that were born didn't survive. lol I agree, the book s shit too. why didn't Obama help them? Oh yeah, he was too busy taking selfies. me too. View all replies >