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Maybe a 6.5 or a 7. Did you have other theories about what the twist would be? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) Rewatching this Cool Runnings A remake? Oy. Almost as dumb as.. (spoilers) What the heck.. (spoilers) Well... (spoilers) Really sick of Did Jeff always *spoilers* View all posts >


Signs still scares the crap outta me. Me focused only on that movie in a dark room..... I still scream or jump at every alien sighting in that movie and I've seen it multiple times. I might or might not watch this again once it's on DVD or streaming or something, just to catch things I missed. That actually would have been pretty cool. I didn't say I liked the explanation. Just wondered if other people thought it was going to turn out to be something different than it was. I think you'll be okay. Old post but I think everyone is truly missing the point. One reason they probably divorced was because all this crap is probably stuff that WASN'T taking place when they were married - and probably should have been. He went against her in regards to the party decision regarding his son's grades, but as Mrs. Doubtfire suddenly he's on him about the grades and homework. I wouldn't doubt he wasn't cooking or cleaning and having it all nice for her when he got home. Granted, he had another job at the time, but typical male that he probably was he probably didn't do ANY of that. The role of Mrs. Doubtfire just proved he could do it if he wanted to. Now this, I like. Probably too full of herself to accept help. Have to admit has me cracking up. I kind of felt his proposal was premature. They obviously hadn't known each other long enough for him to have told Susan earlier that she could call him Brian. Dorey was hesitant to go to dinner with him. When she says "okay" he looks triumphant like he had FINALLY gotten her to go out with him. I was kind of under the impression that on their night on the town, the kiss at the ice rink was the first kiss, but then it's later that same evening he whips out that ring. Her rejection was basically his own fault. Teachers see who hangs around with who. That's why she specifically looked at those boys when giving her little speech. View all replies >