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After she noticed the windchime, didn't she look into the info on the house and see the doctor's name? Then went to check out the newspapers to see if she could find a picture of his wife? Maybe I'm remembering the sequence wrong. Agree. Ouch! :) I don't think so. We were just supposed to see that he was driving Neal insane. I think we're supposed to see Del as an okay guy from the get-go. For example, when Neal first recognizes Del as the one who took his cab, Del offers to buy him something as a peace offering. When they get stranded in Wichita Del has already made other plans to help Neal out. I think we're supposed to see that in his mind he means well, but on the outside he's clueless that he's driving people nuts. Well, the whole point that Del was driving him nuts and he finally got to be alone. But his conscience finally got the better of him and he couldn't stand to think of Del out there in the cold, especially seeing as how the room situation was different than the original room they stayed in (separate beds and all.) Then it became a night of fun and good memories (the mini alcohol bottles and storytelling), rather than bad situations (hot water shutoff, lying on a wet, beer-covered bed) and embarrassing moments (waking up... a bit too close to each other in the morning lol). Old post, but did a quick scan and didn't see anyone mention the "Federal Express" rather than "FedEx" reference. He obviously WASN'T able, seeing as how he was whining about the cost of everything. George had to pay for it because of his stupid pride. The wealthy soon-to-be in-laws offered to help with the costs and he refused to allow it. I watched this movie again after seeing a few clips on youtube and remembering how I enjoyed it, and have to say this truly is an awesome film. All mentioned were moving scenes, but nobody's mentioned the scene where Shaw finds out about the men's feet and that the whipping would have been avoided if the men had been properly uniformed and equipped from the get-go (which, supposedly in real life they were, but, ya know - movies.) I would have been good with Krupa. View all replies >