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Hell, no! He was a baby. Hadn't learned the hostility yet. In 7th grade we dissected worms, frogs, huge grasshoppers and crawfish. The teacher dissected a sheep's eyeball and something else. In regular high school bio we had to dissect fetal pigs. ...In AP Bio, since we had a college within walking distance, we had the joy of going to see a cadaver (they said we could cut into it (more, certain things were already done) and such if we wanted, but thanks but no thanks.) I can't imagine doing any type of dissections in elementary. In watching the trailer, the boys line comes first. All that other junk was after that. Yeah, but if they can learn "hard" stuff, they're more likely to have the motivation to put effort into other subjects, as well. People get old. Things happen. In BTTF3 when they discover Doc's picture from 1885 in the library, Marty says maybe there was another Emmett Brown in 1885. This is where Doc lets Marty and the audience know that his family are the "von brauns" and they had changed their name during WW1. So maybe that family connection has something to do with their wealth. This would also explain Doc's love of science. I remember another Peter Pan movie being released around Christmas, because I specifically remember going to see it on Christmas or Christmas Eve evening. It was meant to bring up his "feast" of bread in a shocking manner that made them all "oooh and ahhh". He knew damn well what his crappy dinner would be, but wanted to make the bread out to be a good surprise. Don't take that from the poor little chap! This stupid comment had me laughing so hard. View all replies >