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abc won't let me vote Zombies are voting for SS. Phoebe's son Robbie Too elaborate Bd music. Drew Barrymore Singing voice all wrong. Singing voice all wrong. $25,000.00??? View all posts >


It's because it was a command, not a request. It showed what their relationship was like. Oh finally, someone cares. (Blows a kiss). It would be even worse than Bobby Bones winning. She is one of the most unlikable leading ladies I've ever seen. She was not bad looking, but so bossy and unpleasant that it's hard to believe he would fall in love with her so easily. Strong resemblance. I saw the opening of American Horror Story and thought it was David. But when the credits cam on and he wasn't there, i saw it was Dylan. But she really isn't an old woman, because she has not experienced life as anything but a young woman. People treat you differently at different stages of your life, especially an old person. So it makes perfect sense that her choices are going to be different than those of a 107 year old woman. Sounds good to me. I'm going to have to watch the last episode again. I must have gotten distracted, because I'm not sure what happened. I thought I couldn't dislike anyone more than Ken, until THE EVIL TWINS. They are annoying, obnoxious, loud, inconsiderate, arrogant and not nearly as talented as they think they are. Claire was the worst, as her behavior showed when she was in the bottom. Thank you. It'll be a long time before we find out what happens. View all replies >