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Yes. And you <b>should</b> feel odd, because <i>Forces of Nature</i> is not just old . . . it's bad. You should try turning on closed captioning. It helps. TK said that he was going to <b>Diyala</b> (as in <i>Diyala Province</i>). Colee said that she was going to <b>Anbar</b> (as in <i>Anbar Province</i>). Cheaver said that he was going to <b>Tikrit</b> (Saddam Hussein's hometown in north central Iraq). All three of those locations should sound vaguely familiar to anyone following the news of the Iraq War during the mid-2000's. I believe you got everyone identified correctly. Vanity Fair photo spread, Left to Right: <i><b>Bryan Leder</b></i> (Fred), <i><b>Allison Parisi</b></i> (Jane), <i><b>Chris Eigeman</b></i> (Nick), <i><b>Will Kempe</b></i> (Rick), <i><b>Isabel Gillies</b></i> (Cynthia), <i><b>Dylan Hundley</b></i> (Sally), <i><b>Carolyn Farina</b></i> (Audrey), <i><b>Ellia Thompson</b></i> (Serena), <i><b>Edward Clements</b></i> (Tom), <i><b>Taylor Nichols</b></i> (Charlie), <i><b>Whit Stillman</b></i> (Writer-Director) Kahn: "Aft torpedoes! . . . [b]FIRE[/b]!!!" Oops, wrong movie. My bad. I guess the [i]thrillomedy[/i] term used in marketing the film never caught on. [quote]Not a single film of worth in this director's filmography.[/quote] Okay, that's a bit harsh. True . . . but harsh nonetheless. >> That doesn't explain the real Aaron's motivation at all. << It literally explains his motivation, explicitly. Early in the movie, during their first meeting inside the jail cell: Martin Vail: So, how do you know the archbishop? Aaron Stampler: I was begging on the street, on Wacker Drive. Bishop Rushman came by in his Cadillac. He saw me and he stopped. He took me into [i]Savior House[/i]. I work as an altar boy. I sing in his choir. MV: How long were you there, Aaron? The Savior House? AS: A year, year and a half. You supposed to leave when you're 18, but bishop rushman let me stay on, way past my 19th birthday. MV: That was nice of him. AS: Yes. Yes, it was. That's a pretty clear cut explanation of Stampler's motivation to create a stuttering seemingly harmless personality to gain the favor of the archbishop. Little did Stampler know at the time, the archbishop saw this meek, stuttering, seemingly harmless soul, as an ideal candidate to be manipulated and sexually abused. So, back to your original question and my reply: [quote]why was he playing Aaron when he lived at the Church and allowed himself to be sexually abused by the Bishop?[/quote] Venable: "He forced you, using a threat of expulsion from Savior House, and a life on the street, with No heat, and No water, and No food." It's all right there in the dialog. >> but now he has to play one locked up in a mental ward for decades? << Why decades? Again, directly from the dialog: Judge Shoat: The defendant will be remanded to Elgin for an evaluation period of 30 days. Let them decide the term of his commitment. Do either of you have a problem with that? Janet Venable: Your honor, he'll be out in a month. Judge Shoat: Take it up with the Legislature, Miss Venable. ---- minutes later, inside the jail cell: MV: They've agreed to stop the trial. They're gonna be sending you to a hospital to get the help you need. And there's a very good chance, you can get out someday soon. There was no indication that it would be decades. V: Do you know what I would do if someone did that to me? I would kill 'em, I wouldn't hesitate. I would STAB him 78 times with a butcher knife! I would CHOP off his fingers! I would SLASH his throat open! I would CARVE numbers into his chest! I would GOUGE out his eyes, I SWEAR to God! V: But that's me. No further questions your honor. Stampler (as Roy): Where the HELL do you think you're going? V: Excuse me??? S: HEY!!! You look at me when I talkin' to you, BITCH! Judge Shoat: Mr. Stampler!!!! You know the rest. [quote]if he's such a confounding sociopath that could pull this off then why was he playing Aaron when he lived at the Church and allowed himself to be sexually abused by the Bishop?[/quote] This is answered during pivotal cross-examination of Stampler during the culmination of the trial. Janet Venable: Mr. Stampler, did you believe that the archbishop wore masks? Aaron Stampler: I'm s-s-sorry, What did you say? V: Do you think he acted one way in public and another way in private? S: No. N-n-no, I didn't think that. V: Isn't that why you underlined the Hawthorne passage? V: Mr. Stampler? S: No, I didn't. I did not underline that book. V: You didn't underline it? S: No. No ma'am? V: And you didn't carve the number referring to that passage into his chest? S: No-o-o. No ma'am, I did not. I told, told you I - V: You loved him. You loved him like a father . . . , even though he you and your girlfriend perform demeaning acts for his own gratification? S: No, you don't-don't understand. He . . . there was no other way for him to c-cast out his own demons he needed it - V: He needed to get off, Aaron! That's what he was doing! That's what he needed you for . . . to perform like a circus animal . . that was your function in his life. S: N-n-no! V: Oh, Mr. Stampler, I'ma ask you straight, cause I am tired . . . and I've had just about all I can take of this sortedness, and I wanna go home, and I wanna wash my hands, and I wanna forget all about you . . . AND Archbishop Rushman. Did the archbishop force you and your girlfriend AND others to perform sexual acts while he watched, yes or no?!!! S: Nn-n- yes, he did, but - V: YES, he forced you! HE forced you using a threat of expulsion from Savior House, and a life on the street, with No heat, and No water, and No food . . . He PUT you in FRONT of a camera, he made you take off your clothes, and YOU don't think that that's another side?!!!!! Another face of a man that we all thought that we knew - S: NO!!!! [quote]There is no witch?[/quote] Well, there's no [b]Blair[/b], so . . . His broken legs were a [b]plot device[/b]. This post was deleted because, "Mommy and Daddy want me to leave."