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The music is laughable SAINTS FANS REACT TO NON CALL! View all posts >


BURN! Agreed. One small correction though, 2008 was not a "complete reboot". They actually used the script for the sequel to 2003. One of the few changes made was the new origin in the opening credits. or fly directly at the port from space "your peter tingle" you can see her tiny lil dick when shes laying in bed You are aware that Disney bought Marvel, bought Star Wars, bought Pixar, and bought Fox? And that all you are doing is rooting for a monopoly? I guess you enjoyed it, too, when Microsoft bought up all of it's competition. You are very welcome! lol Mr. Patel? Allen is not respecting traditional conventions of cinematic accompaniment, since the score's events do not match the story unfolding onscreen. View all replies >