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Somewhere in Iowa... James Hurley If you could own a sports team... Can we PLEASE talk baseball? ⚾️ Deputy Hawk Happy St. Pat’s!🍀🍻 Remember that dude DeliciousFeet??! Whatever happened to him?! Another one bites the dust... Bitches Be Trippin Board games View all posts >


Whoa cat, that’s beautiful. My kind of territory. So true. Sure. I got family in the lake worth/ west palm area but you couldn’t pay me to live there. Better off in the Appalachia’s. This east coast bitch has moved to cowboy country and I couldn’t be happier out here in the Rockies. It’s home now. Passing through sturgis right now! You been? Holy shit, gorgeous! For some reason I took u for a fla boy, but that doesn’t look like fla! For you my little badass! Hopefully just allergies? Thank god, almost to the black hills. Back to the land of rugged bearded mountain men! Whoop Life is good. Definitely savage. I like my chill dog. Whosays I’m not?Also, I hate cats. View all replies >