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The movie made sure to have the one scene where GB helps the guy out of the burning car under the bridge so we don’t just think he’s a selfish ass that doesn’t care about anyone but his family (when he’s not cheating on his wife at least). When he is he definitely just cares about himself. I don’t know of anyone who is rooting for the son. His character is drab and boring and entitled. I fast forward through his scenes. She literally produced it. Correct. It was complete nonsense. An estranged person with no relationship and outside the witness list - immediately deemed hearsay and tossed. After all that misdirection...the most obvious person is the actual killer. What a letdown. It’s the blonde friend. Has to be. Why else is she still involved in the show? To what end? She is the “other affair” Hugh Grant was alluding to the current lawyer. She killed her. Andddd worse for them in prison. She redeemed her character in the end. But she was a bit hard to root for along the way. She kind of lost herself I guess you could say. Was it tho? Compared to other stuff that gets made? Solid movie. Could’ve actually been excellent if they went another way with the ending. Each has been discussed here but obv watch it first before reading those. I agree. I said to my girl “he’s gonna kill himself”. That would’ve been the sensible way to end this. His double life was revealed and he was ruined. Bad writing. It was good. Enjoy it because there’s almost nothing the rest of 2020. This is a helluva theory, and quite honestly if your theory really WAS the plot this would go from a 7 to a 9.5 out of 10. Wish they went that way with it but that’s not really what they were doing lol. That would’ve been way too smart for this film. Sympathy obviously. Once he was fine she suspected he staged it. The circuit breaker just so happened to pop to stop him from getting electrocuted to death. Yes he killed her. He even says so. Did you watch the movie? The whole “family” angle F&F leaned heavily on became so absolutely laughable considering how these people had absolutely no concerns threatening the lives of innocent truck drivers and innocent civilians with their reckless driving habits. So dumb. I understood it. I understood how stupid the whole premise is. I just don’t enjoy these types of movies. If it’s not in any way remotely plausible I can’t get into it. Reading these comments just confirm my thoughts of the trailer. Even if I’m paying full attention I still won’t understand it 😂 sounds about right. Maybe the 3rd viewing will be the charm. The authorities would figure out quickly they boarded to Venezuela by looking at all surveillance video hours later but as has been said it’s a no extradition country.