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Yes I hear it’s actually good. How is that possible? How are they even allowed to make funny comedies in this day and age? Must not be any gay or mentally challenged references. Both are awful when viewed in present day. 90s movies are so corny. 100% still alive. Too many obvious clues to ignore. No body found. The post credits scene. I think the “american” in captive isn’t him tho. I would almost guarantee he’s stuck in the upside down and the central theme of season 4 is getting him back. The show can go on without Billy. It would really struggle to go on without Hopper, the father figure of it all in a midst of childish chaos. Not to mention the levity he provides. The first 20 mins definitely set a different tempo from what you get the rest of the film. My primary point of contention is that it was just too damn long and it ruined the pacing. By the time it got to the meat and bones third act I was already tired of how drawn out it was. I loved Hereditary. I didn’t like this at all. You are quite the unrelenting schill for this film. Part of the production? Are they paying you to be their long arm of the law on the interwebs? It doesnt gel at all. It's all over the god damn place in the third act. No he didnt die. No one dies. The wolf was just another ghost spawning off the stupid doll being out of its case. You didnt miss a thing. People that enjoy these super slow burns and vivid visuals love movies like the Revenant with its great scenery. I can appreciate that stuff but I dont need a drawn out experience to absorb it. I would hate this movie much less if it didnt take itself so seriously by drawing out the story just to immerse you in the imagery. I always find that directorial tactic to be arrogant. It’s personal preference. This is an opinion board. Pacing was too slow. Didn’t need to be 2 and half hours. Could’ve had the exact same film done at 2 hrs. I understand it was a pagan sacrifice film just like Hereditary which by the way was ALOT better than this. This was so just so weird and too drawn out. View all replies >