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Anna Faris is amazing in this. In 1 scene Chris brother called him “gay, faggot and homo”. In less than 30 secs. Imagine trying that today? Robbie was SO annoying. Beyond annoying. The part where he’s crawling up the hill to “fight the aliens” was pure stupidity. They need to use that as a vehicle to having you think he died and then be shocked to see he lives. Even tho it was patently ridiculous that he actually lived in that manner. I can’t take it anymore. Even for free. Just no point in watching. Hopefully in the last one they make it a real movie about real people like the first one. I won’t haha. Yes. Very. Does justice to the sport. They were just above average, not great. Decent. One time watches. The movie made sure to have the one scene where GB helps the guy out of the burning car under the bridge so we don’t just think he’s a selfish ass that doesn’t care about anyone but his family (when he’s not cheating on his wife at least). When he is he definitely just cares about himself. I don’t know of anyone who is rooting for the son. His character is drab and boring and entitled. I fast forward through his scenes. View all replies >