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11 Years Later... STUPID Ending (spoilers) Sandra Bullock Did Her Best 90% on RT?! Lmao. What a joke. Laughable Fight Tactics What If? Florian Munteanu Spills The Beans On the Plot Surprisingly Good Tooo Long So obviously he lives... View all posts >


Ending would’ve been ALOT better if it was him. At least then it would’ve made some f’n sense. Predictable yes but sensible. Instead we got that pile of trash ending with some random schmo killer with no stated motive. Dumb. Did I? Because he was barely even in this movie. I don’t watch any of that crap. You didn’t laugh your ass off when David Dunn, a man who can bench 800 lbs, bend steel and has the strength of a superhuman couldn’t muster the strength to fight off 1 average man drowning him in a 3 inch puddle? Seriously? That was beyond preposterous. If you’re gonna kill the guy via drowning, and the beast himself can’t do it at least have a 2000 lb piece of steel fall on him or something. The hero of the story got a feeble, pathetic, not believable death. What’s fantastic about that? Agreed. And that’s problem. Is when expectations are set from hype. Without that I probably go in expecting nothing and give it closer to a 7/10 but if you tell me something is sooo amazing it better be more amazing than that. Oh yes the patented “you don’t agree with me so you must like the transformers or Fast & furious because I’m so smart and my opinion is the one that matters”. Take a hike. You loved it? Good for you. I’m elated for you. You’re acting like I crapped all over your eggs with my 5/10. Calm your tits. David Tua was over 240 lbs and was a bomber, perhaps you missed the "175 lbs" part? For the 3rd time, Adonis Creed is the size of a super middleweight. I understand its a movie. I've said that. I dont understand why you're trying to make real correlations to real boxing that dont exist. You're bringing up guys that fought against other heavyweights. Just agree with the point and move on. You're arguing for the sake of arguing. This is true but in the 70s and 80s you expect that sort of ridiculousness. In Rocky Balboa he tried to “go realistic” with the final fight. For the record it didn’t feel like a Rocky fight to me. Then for Creed 2 they just went back to the old formula of a smaller man fighting a guy 70 lbs heavier (and basically 3 weight classes if you want to be particular). HUH?! When did Lennox Lewis fight a guy who was 5’11 175 lbs?! You think he would be backing up and jabbing against a guy that small? Just stop it. Michael B Jordan in real life would fight at super middleweight. Your “walk backwards” comment is lunacy. A vicious killer like that who is the much stronger man isn’t fighting off the backfoot against a much smaller guy. IF he did he would be doing a favor to the little man by not stalking him and imposing his will. View all replies >