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The ending? (Spoilers) Gets nominated for Golden Globes: Best Motion Picture - Drama. Has someone who has watched it only recently, become a harcore fan? What was Sweety's agenda? Availability?? Runtime??? Do I need to watch part 1? Please help with the ending!! Help with the last scene What the fuck comes at night? View all posts >


This was a not a Transformers movie but, a "coming of age teenage drama", and a particularly drab one. Apart from 2 mins, in the beginning, there's absolutely no action. It again starts at 95 mins mark and ends abruptly after 5 mins to show she can still fucking dive. When I watch a Transformers movie, I don't want to see a robot acting like a puppy for 100 out of 114 mins. But a really bad taste in selecting roles. Hailee has been selling herself short these days. I won't as far as saying its the best, but it definitely was awesome. I didn't expect much and it kind of blew me away. A lot better than Aquaman I watched a night before. You read too much into the puddle-deep plot which offers absolutely nothing. But I agree, no mother, err... I mean absolutely no one ever should watch this junk. Agreed. Potatoes were just an example. There are severa other vegetables people grow easily in their home gardens like onioins, carrots. I just meant to say that the setup was very plausible in the blind school. Well, did I say hunting? I don't don't think so. I just said cultivating some veggies like potatoes can keep you really well fed. What's so hard to understand in that. And FYI potatoes can be grown very easily. Try planting a plant in a pot in your home and you will know. And a forest like that which definitely would be rich in fruits can provide a sustainable environment. Could you elaborate please. This wasn't supposed to be martial asts extravaganza like the raids. With help of their sighted companions they can easily live off the land. You don't need chips and cheese to survive. You can also stay healthy and alive just with a few veggies like potato which can be culvitated very easily. The school was not full proof safe. It was just "safer". As we saw, it takes a lot of effort for someone to reach the school. And that's why safe from the psychos at moment (emphasis on at the moment). The monsteres can only lure you by projecting voices and not infect you. We see Bullock hearing the same but never getting affected as she has her blindfold on. They need you to see them directly. Since blind folks can never do this no matter what they hear, they will always be safe atleast from the monstres. The psychos can kill them eventually though, but never infect them. I care about the story, and there was none. That's why I am disappointed. Coogler's previous 2 were good. Fruitvale Station was a beautiful movie. But was BP crap IMO. I am not sure what story you found in there. I really don't frigging care if the hero is black, white, yellow, shemale, trans or a ladyboy. For me the content matters. But you looked at only the skin it seems. View all replies >