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Valid assessment The moment that they stated that their definition of music was Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, compiled with their notion that Pink Floyd is “noise,” I truly knew that I was dealing with an idiot troll. I’m almost afraid to ask what your definition of music is...so I won’t. Obviously you’re not familiar with Pink Floyd, or the connotation of that phrase. “All in all you're just another brick in the wall.” I would like to ask this of you because I have read so many comments of yours where you repeatedly state "my college professor" said this or that, or that he "knows everything." Is it possible for you to form an original thought or belief on your own without this incessant need to constantly reference everything back to this professor or are you so punch drunk on his Kool-Aid that you are incapable of an original thought? I'm not sure what course this professor of yours teaches, but I would love to audit it, just so I can sit there and debate this person who by your account "knows everything." I've always found the Phoebe Cates scene to be overrated. Memorable? Absolutely. Great breasts? For sure. The whole sequence, from using The Cars' song "Moving in Stereo" to Linda catching Brad rubbing one out, was absolutely great. In regards to that film, I was always more partial to Jennifer Jason Leigh. <blockquote>Most consider it to be the best ever.</blockquote> I thought that was the interrogation scene in "Basic Instinct" lol? On another note, Kelly Preston's scene in "Mischief" was phenomenal. People can say what they want about him, but John Travolta was one lucky guy. Indeed. True https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/11/10171042/emma-corrin-armpit-hair-glamour That's what she said after her "facial." Well for starters, I kept telling her to switch up between the balls and shaft and adjust her speed. I would also tap her head to stop when I was close to release. It's called edging, and as a public servant she was more than willing to oblige me. Around hour number 8 I decided enough was enough. It's all in the reflexes. I didn’t say that, nor did my post even imply such. When I wrote this, the tone I was thinking about while writing it, was more of a surprised inquisitive tone. You’re assuming an incorrect tone and your reply indicates you thought my post tone was negative. Everything doesn’t always have to be perceived as negative. I just find it slightly surprising that someone as “revered” as Diana Spencer is/was, would be end up being played by an American actress. If Kristen can pull it off, more power to her. So you're telling me that in the entire United Kingdom, there was not one single suitable actress to portray Diana Spencer, so they had to resort to an American? I wonder how the Brits feel about this? I'm not too sure I would want more people today to watch it. In a world of PC, SJWs and wokeness, all of the show's plot points would be dissected, overanalyzed, and scrutinized. The show or characters would be called racist. People would throw fits because there were no persons of color as main characters despite the fact that it took place in the suburbs during the late 60's and early 70's. Kevin and Winnie would be considered a toxic relationship. Kevin would be considered an insensitive asshole. Winnie would be slammed by the SJWs for always going back to Kevin and not being feminist enough. Karen would be criticized by those same people. Wayne would be criticized as a bully and the educators would be called out for not stopping his antics. I just finished a re-watch of it on Hulu. I grew up with this show (I was 10 when it first aired and 15 when it ended) and I never missed an episode. Including syndication, I think I've watched it in its entirety 3-4 times. The thing that stands out the most for me is the music, but when I did a google search for the greatest TV show soundtracks (just out of curiosity), this show is not on a single list. It seems like the people that write those types of articles discount any show that was made prior to 2000. Since you allege (in far too many of your posts) that he knows everything, ask your professor. On another note, I would love to know what school you attend just so I could audit this alleged genius professor's class and see if he is really that brilliant, or if you are just that ignorant. I would be perfectly fine if she never films another sex scene again regardless of who directs it. She's already shown her goods onscreen and they were definitely not worth the price of admission. I think she’s better looking than her those twin sisters her parents birthed. The poster is not representative of the show. Watch the show and don't make judgements based on a poster. Or maybe you're just here to try to start some shit? I still use: "Smoke if you've got 'em," and "Ah buckle this!"