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The stuff D&D cut from the books probably goes nowhere Did she get breast reduction surgery done? I saw the ending coming, Still liked the movie tho There's a lot of stuff to unpack in season 2! How will this effect the Netflix shows? Ok so, the film MIGHT be a disaster Channel Zero is more frustating than scary So, let's settle this. Is the Huxtables REALLY middle class? Grew into a BABE! Do anybody even still beleive this show is canon? View all posts >


I lowkey agree with this lol Not butch, just aged rapidly all of a sudden during the 2010s I'm surprised nobody mentioned Jaimie Lee Curtis Henry Cavill? Really? Only problem I have with Margot is that she has no ass. The rest I could take or leave tbh. Tbh Rogue One is the only good Disney era Star Wars movie imo. Also a lot of the plot issues originated in TFA, which was basically a safe rehash of ANH. I don't understand why they never put Filoni in charge. Now we have to deal with Kevin Fiege's sitcom tone approach...ugh. it's looking like the real Star Wars stuff will be on Disney+ as some kinda compromise and olive branch to hardcore fans. While the films will be for general audiences. Portman also has no ass...just saying She cleans up nicely tho, and it looks like she has gotten breast implants. Whitney Cummings! she looks like she's using too much botox. I can't explain it, she use to look fairly normal. Now she looks like she had a Joan Rivers face lift and a shit ton of botox injections View all replies >