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No way it was a "bit". Someone must've suggested a drug for her to help calm the nerves. I didn't find it very interesting but I hope it gets better. I'll keep watching. Maybe someone actually studied this, and you don't go gorging on food right away that your body is not familiar with, that is not easily digestible. He'd probably end up with the worst case of constipation that Ex-Lax has ever tried to cure! Please don't feed the trolls. I would tap it till it can't be tapped any more. It certainly ruined his credibility for me. I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Buffalo News complaining about him, but they never printed it. Same! Agree Walter. Well of course Simon thought it was all BS, thus giving it the lowest rating possible. I guess I would feel the same way if I was asked to rate a documentary praising the Obama, Biden, or Clinton presidencies. I disagree with <b>* How Frank was disrespected</b> "Frank Burns Eats Worms" is one of my all-time favorite television lines! I have to agree, just because he was banging Bree Olson on a daily basis! Her porn is incredible. I'm a homophobe and I no longer assume that AIDS is contracted from gay sex... so this is FAKE NEWS. I used to think this back in the 80's when the disease first became "popular"; sorry for lack of a better adjective! #ThisWouldBeEasierToReadIfYouUsedMixedCase-JustSayin' You got that right! It's a sad reality that a REAL black can't win over America yet. <i>Breaking Bad</i> and <i>Better Call Saul</i> used a real Albuquerque number that plays a message for Saul Goodman. baby batter ROTFL. You need to write professionally. <i>why do Diana and David have no kids?</i> They were still young and dedicated to their careers. They wanted to get a house and get settled before having kids. They had plenty of time. And this made the infidelity more realistic. Also, guys are less likely to hunger over a MILF, for anatomical reasons that I'm not going to "enter into", pun intended. The <b>Ghirardelli</b> stores all offer a free sample when you walk in the door. See: San Francisco, and Disney Springs Orlando for starters that I know of first hand, are doing it. OMFG too funny. Leave it to Hollywood to do this remake.