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Paris Hilton cried over Playboy cover after sex tape scandal: ‘Branded as a slut’ Buffalo News Jewish movie critic gave this 1/2 out of 5 stars Any intentional connection to the movie THE STING? Smoking hot as Bionic Woman Was on Bionic Woman with hottie Lindsay Wagner aka Jamie Summers Can I just add to this conversation, that she was smoking hot in Double Jeopardy? Interesting how his publicist spilled the "Chris Evert" nugget to sell books Trailer looks hilarious! Time to meet your maker, uh oh This show is off the rails woke Oh wow Anyone one else think he looks like Brian Keith? Skits that Liberal WOKENESS would not allow today Brooklyn Decker and Jen Anniston are both SO BEAUTIFUL in this movie! Watched Happy Gilmore today Remind me again of what her qualifications for Congress were? I bet now he wishes he were black He should be really mad at his parents.... Julie Bowen Political Correctness off the rails to call this BEAUTIFUL