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Bhad Bharbie "Cash me ousside, how bout dah" is legal now, has anyone seen her naked? Disney does a poor job marketing the animated Mickey Mouse (IMO) So tired of seeing Athletes and Politicians on this TV/Movie commentary site I'm too homophobic to watch this show You had me at JLH What a cutie 💓! Shut up a little! 18 months as the BLM Poster Boy, now will be forgotten Jake from Vermont 1/27/2023 winner CLUE: Cindy Morgan as Lacey, in the Fila Shirt, with the rod iron View all posts >


I will! miss you hottie. If you want to see a supposedly unbiased news reporter "lose their shit", go watch Rachel Maddow when Trump was announced as the winner. Whenever I'm down and need a jolt, I got watch that clip and I can laugh for hours. Is there going to be a sequel? She's almost unrecognizable in 9-1-1 today. No thanks On topless today. And hopefully Community Service that's swarming with Paparazzi to see him actually SWEAT for once. Or I guess TWICE. He'll be sweating in court first, for sure. As much as I cant' stand Baldwin, I really don't think it's his responsibility to check the gun. It's a movie prop. I think you're safe to assume the gun is safe. When you're given a car to drive, do you demand to take it for a test drive first to make sure the brakes are working, and that the seatbelts are secure? Certain things you just take for granted. Maybe not in a sketch, but hopefully in Weekend Update. You and I think alike. Whenever bad things happen to "the left", I also often wonder if SNL will take it on. Especially when it's one of their own. Recall how Eddie Murphy distanced himself from SNL for years just because of a joke on Weekend Update about his movie tanking. you totally missed my sarcasm and sense of humor, by a mile. Go back and read the post. I probably should've left out the "Prison for involuntary manslaughter" sentence altogether. Now go read it again. Of course I hope he goes to prison and is handed the slippery soap. Signed, Lee's mother. What is his accent? I never picked up on an accent. Not like that hottie "Cash me ousside, how bout dah" Bhad Bharbie. Man I cannot believe she got rich off his show. She's legal now, I should go try to find her naked on OnlyFans. It was Buffalo! Now I just root for my squares pools, and for Mahomo to lose. View all replies >