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I'm confused... he looks like he has legs in this photo! wow that profile photo is sizzing hot !! where to watch? Sex and the Married Detective Lori Laughlin is so beautiful! I am just too homophobic for this movie, and what this world is becoming Similar "Lie Detector" skill as Columbo Dirty innuendo, Murder by the Book SNL Weekend Update with TDS, makes fools of themselves Apolitical as of today View all posts >


The toning down of Homer started long ago. Go watch the first few seasons, He is constantly strangling Bart, "Why I'm gonna.........". That has gradually subsided over the years, until today: Hands off for good. This is just the first time they are acknowledging it, and have taken an oath to never re-introduce it. Yes we are a woke world. I am waiting for the end of Beauty pagents, Horse Racing, Greyhound racing, boxing, wrestling, and bullfighting. It's coming. The vegetarian crowd is really pushing artificial meats, trying to turn us all into vegetarians, and then vegans. Woke also means having plus-sized women as swimsuit models. I totally agree they don't have to be rail-thin, but this Mr. Rogers "feel good about yourself", over-correction is just disgusting. There has never been anything attractive or healthy about being overweight. I hate STAR WARS, so nothing related is going to entertain me, or make me laugh. Sorry! What makes a font "cheap"? What would make one font "more expensive" than another? You think the STAR WARS font cost more? I doubt it! The program they use probably comes with 500 fonts, and that's just the one that was chosen. It's supposedly a movie from 1912, so maybe it's meant to look "cheap" and historic? You're (not your) correct! Same here! And I pause a lot of Jeopardy questions (answers) too! Better! I don't think they had "sex, sex". Just oral sex. Lucky you! I had a g/f like that once, but we broke up before we ever got to try some hot FMF. She did have me take her to a strip joint once though. When she finally got up the nerve, and found the right girl, for a lapdance, they would not let us do a "couples" lapdance. So instead, they BOTH had a FANTASTIC time in the VIP room, and she got WAY MORE TIME than what I paid for. She makes ME continue to grow! <i>She does look a bit stiff in the scenes here...</i> She has <b>me</b> looking a bit stiff too! Mama Mia (different movie)! View all replies >