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I never thought I'd be so tired at 22 Kevin Costner looks more like Lovell than Hanks does Manny's mom and dad are thin Don't like Dylan and Haley as an end game Delilah's hair is awful I miss the old Mandy Does anyone remember Dawson's desktop? Dog Years? No word yet about season 12 on UP Unpopular opinion View all posts >


Nope The first two Terminators were good. Every one of them after that has sucked. Hollywood has to realize that not every movie needs to be a franchise. What score did it get? Is this an out of 10 scale? Why the ad hominem attack? I really liked the first two Nolan Batman movies. Having said that, I wasn't too interested in this movie when it was announced but after seeing the most recent trailer, I definitely wanna see this movie. It looks really good. I don't think they care about continuity. Which is fine. We don't really need two comic studios doing the same thing. I've felt for a while now that DC needs to not try to copy what Marvel has done and just concentrate on making good movies. If the movies are good, people will see them. I was not interested in this movie at all but after seeing the trailer, it looks like it might be really good. [quote]Seen it a dozen times as both a kid and adult.[/quote] Why would you watch any movie you don't like a dozen times? I drank Nesquick as a young kid but moved to Ovaltine when I got to my early teens. I much prefer the taste of Ovaltine. Nesquick is just too sweet for my taste. But I also love dark chocolate and a lot of people hate the taste of that too. I would still drink Ovaltine if it didn't aid in giving me a spare tire. I had to cut it out about a year or so ago. Even though I didn't grow up in the '40s, I feel like this is how Christmas is supposed to be. The snow, the childhood wonder, mom and dad, getting that present you soooo wanted but never thought you'd get, writing letters to Santa at school, the big fancy department store etc. etc. It's supposed to be funny. I laugh every time I hear Schwartz's mom yelling through the phone and Schwartz screaming "Mom! What'd I do?" For those of us that were "abused" by our parents like that, it rings true and is funny. It does look good, but isn't January when sucky movies are supposed to come out? I thought you were gonna say that he had a clause in his contract that was a santa. View all replies >