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Emmett literally saved the party. I’m in Michigan and we call it pop here too. That’s exactly right Definitely I wonder too Beats me I really think they’re the same person. Except Vicky finally got over Mitch and married James Blake. I love the California house. The McKendrick apartment in Massachusetts is pretty cool too. They’re both great. I noticed Nick mention his parents and at least one sister. Liz never mentioned her mom, so I’m guessing she passed away at some point. Exactly. Especially since Hallie literally said her house was on the other end of America. I agree, it seems odd, especially since she was a gold digger. There is so much potential to find another English woman to play Liz. I’m sure they were eventually un-grounded. I imagine that Liz and Annie, along with Liz' widowed father Charles and butler Martin, moved into the Napa house with Nick, Hallie and Chessy. Liz opened up a bridal boutique in Napa, while commuting every so often to London. She and Martin probably had a family of their own. I agree. Me too It’s awesome what you find Yes Definitely