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How should Jack have handled Hollom? How much is cost to have Saul represent you? Why did pussy pull Skips taffy? Was relived to see they didn’t lean to hard into........ Loraine So what happened with the whole rape/sexual abuse thing with the brother? Pretty awful. Biggest “loose end” that the show never really tied up...... View all posts >


What was striking to me is that they were using the term “suspect” long after there had already been a conviction. You’d think charges would be brought only after the suspects were whittled down. The most disturbing part was most of the people involved in this disaster not only didn’t loose their jobs, they got promotions. The shot zooms out wide and we notice there is no light house - just a lone sailor stuck on a rock as he feverishly hallucinates his dying moments. I’m not sure you understand what this thread is about. If you are going to criticize something through the lens of a particular genre, it is important to understand it. You don’t seem to. You may have an understanding of the cosmic horror sub-genre, but it’s not clear from your criticism that you do. Whether or not the couple accepted their fate has nothing to do with cosmic horror. The horror comes from the idea of being at the mercy of unknowably powerful beings who seem to have some warped idea of human needs, yet remain completely aloof to any semblance of sympathy, love, or any other human emotions. The idea is that you have entered a world where god is objectively real. This god has complete and total control over your ability to actually effect any kind of outcomes. This god is completely indifferent to your pain, torture, and despair. And the worst part is, because it is a god and you are a human, it is impossible for your human brain to fathom why it is doing this to you, or what it could possibly want. Do you remember the computer game The Sims? Imagine that game being reversed, and instead of being the player who can at will torture on screen pixels, you are actually the bit of binary code that makes up one of the player’s subjects. As an onscreen character in a video game, it would be impossible for you understand the motivations behind the events in your world, and why it’s master with unknowable yet total power doesn’t give the slightest shit about your despair. That is cosmic horror. The whole draw of the movie is what you don’t know. That’s the whole point of cosmic horror - it taps into man’s fear of what he isn’t equipped to understand. I’m jealous of you getting to watch it for the first time. Season 1, while great, is probably the 2nd worst season of the show. You’re in for a treat! Next thing you know you’ll be making Varsity Athlete and shinebox jokes. Someone certainly did eat his lo mein. He was dreaming about it the whole way over there. A good guess, but if we watch the scene closely, Christopher leaves the office as soon as tony arrives. This may be because he didn’t want to be there when he found out. View all replies >