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What happened to the strat the Cobain Gabe to the crowd There is actually a restaurant in NYC called dorsia Thank god they dropped the X-Women plot line Does L have A SSN Has there been any feedback from the producers about the criticism? Rocky V should have been an ensemble cast, but with no main character My god this was disappointing. What roster of past-Rocky relations will be dredged up for the next film? What Police station in the West uses cassettes to record interviews since the turn of the millenium How many stars would Rocky’s restaurant get on yelp? View all posts >


You may be right, but the fact that there was nary a mention of her during the whole of season 3, even after her plot line was the opener of s2, suggests to me that she was intended to play a bigger roll, but was perhaps dropped due to obvious problems and viewer feedback. At least I’d like to think so. You can basically skip the episode and would be none the wiser, and probably have a better experience for it. I’m sure the Indian girl who played her must be bummed though Because the ausies are a bunch of dung detectives who are more interested in handing out vigorous handjobs in dark and poorly ventilated taverns than they are in coping with a movie with the unbridled chutzpah of rocky v. Cause he was a loser and this is America, baby. That’s some beowulf shit right there. It’s when your mom gets bent over and has her brown-eye smeared with tabasco sauce before getting her corn hole plundered like pirates treasure. I’m about sick of the blue lens filter that all Brits insist on using In their cinema. The British are already a hugely unattractive people, do we need the blue lens to exaggerate their already poor genetics? Ahh snap. Dixies’s house I believe. Lethal Weapon 1? You don’t need to have a political agenda to dislike this film. Alley-oop! View all replies >