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I thought it seemed a touch far fetched...... MAJOR plot hole....... Even less funny than.... Were Andy and Red a couple of dung-detectives? Surprised the “you owe me 7 dollars” didn’t come full circle. The only complaint I have I can’t believe Liam Gallagher was in this. I was into it until the parallel universe crap View all posts >


A better question would be, “why do so many here seemto be taking it so personally?” They are making it because enough investors considered it to be a commercially and financially viable project. The end. OR it’s An ILLUMINATI Scheme to harvest the souls of children. Rednecks and Christians usually bug me, as did the Oregonians here, but it’s hard to fault them here - despite my bias. I wanted to like her because of her resourcefulness, but her complete lack of insight, contrition made it impossible. Verasimilitude is the word we’re looking for. Which is congruent with the tone of the movie The police in Vegas were actually sympathetic to the mob, until they were all cleaned out after spilotro and his associates started running amok and getting attention from the federal government and voters. Small caliber. Just scrambles the eggs, without blowing them out. The entry wounds are actually quite small. Triggered Christians Your reductionistic ideas are too stupid to even start a conversation with. Step away from the keyboard. Now pick up the phone and call your local behavioral health center and apply to the waiting list for a bed. In the meantime, stay on your meds. View all replies >