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Kurtwell got off easy (spoilers, obv.) Is the ovaltine bit..... Did del move in with Neal? Did willie Nelson ruin Pancho and Lefty? Help me locate a passage from one of the books. Was Ned ryerson scamming Phil by feigning familiarity? Was it implied that the blind had mamed themselves? I thought it seemed a touch far fetched...... MAJOR plot hole....... Even less funny than.... View all posts >


You could always read a book and simply ignore media that sends you into a tailspin of impotent rage. Correct. The characters reference earthquakes before we see the collider in action. We assume that she rode in on one of the earlier tests. Although we never got to see Bannia deliver the bit himself, it is safe to assume that it would be far better. I’m speaking a language “pussy whiners” may understand in order to convey where the imperative rests, and to erode the sickening sense of entitlement they possess. He does bar mitzvahs where he reprises his edgy unique brand of post modern racial screaming. He did my cousins where he yelled about Puerto Rican’s for 5 minutes. Godammit Cuddles!!! Bad dog!!!! No. I replied to my dog. He thinks Its cute to write offensive things on my account. I told him to keep that shit on his own account. I know , he’s awful. But he’s a rescue, what can you do? View all replies >