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What is that supposed to mean? I do like the movie and that’s one of the famous lines from it. Love that movie. You ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s coming. Nothing But Trouble (1991) Towards the end of the Clip in the below link. https://youtu.be/X_r-fur3Zr0 1. Tulsa Time - Eric Clapton/Don Williams 2. High Time - Grateful Dead 3. Big Time - Peter Gabriel 4. No Time - The Guess Who 5. Time Passages - Al Stewart 6. Sour Times - Portishead 7. Good Times - Temporary lay off 8. Wasted Time - Eagles 9. Closing Time - Semisonic 10. Bad Time - Grand Funk Railroad 11. Time Bomb - Rancid 12. Fine Time - New Order 13. Killin’ Time - Clint Black 14. Crying Time - Ray Charles Never put your hat on a table. Always go out the same door you came in. Make a wish the first time you enter a church you have never been in before. If you see a ghost, it’s someone needing prayers. Heartbreak Ridge Apollo 13 Planes, trains, and automobiles I have voted in every election since I was of age, however I never heard of compulsory voting until now. Why $35 for seven lines? Does the website have a surcharge. I pay $3 per line with the megaplier. View all replies >