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I'm not just saying this because Pollock's work is garbage "Surely you weren't expecting to be rewarded?" View all posts >


As always, it's hard to disagree with anything they say. Nevertheless, I'll keep watching Discovery, and enjoy it for what it is, not get upset about what it isn't. [quote]As I was watching, I kept getting commercials though.[/quote] That's ridiculous. I was never going to pay for it to begin with, but it's shit like this that almost makes me feel justified in torrenting it. [quote]that wasn't Lucas's intention at all , it had the potential to have 12 episodes [/quote] I like how you try to contradict me, and then go and prove my point in the 2nd half of the very same sentence by explaining how he intended on making nearly 40 years' worth of Star Wars films. They managed to give Peter Cushing multiple new scenes and lines, and he's been dead for 23 years. Indeed, they already cgi'ed Carrie in R1. Eh, it might be alright. Everyone likes Dwayne Johnson, and Gillian is hot in those shorts, but it still got #1 by making less money than TLJ made in it's 3rd week. Hmm, I always thought the whole chain reaction thing was a little bit absurd. Nearly 40 years later, when they explained it with R1, I thought that was probably the best idea, by far, I've seen come out of Disney, [i]vis a vis[/i] Star Wars, yet. They even got women to write and direct them! Oh, wait... She didn't. Next. [quote]You wouldn't patronize a restaurant where the waiter verbally abused you even if the food was good.[/quote] You don't know me! because people liked TFA more than they like TLJ? View all replies >