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cell phone screens shower radios and you mean having a job? too funny..try them out for awhile first lol All is Lost (2013) I was going to say men, but I don't use or buy them. haha :) He’s my fave character and yeah he does get a lot of funny lines. That’s what I said go back to your Lincoln commercials. I like him so much wish he was in better movies. True. Why bother letting their texts come through. I agree about the Edna thing and yes I guess that’s a good thing we have better taste. :) Same here even though I didn’t remember a single one so you would think it would be good and new to me. Nope. Unless they are just trying to ghost someone. 1. Mae West (1892) 2. Humphrey Bogart 1899 3. Noble Johnson (1881) 4.Charley Chaplin 1889 5. James Cagney 1889 6. Beulah Bondi 1899 7. Buster Keaton (1895) 8. Fatty Arbuckle (1887) I agree that I think they were going for an Elf Type movie, but it wasn’t very funny. Nice to see a couple cameos. It seemed more of a children’s movie than a family movie. Very nice 👍 Opps no I didn’t notice that, sorry 😐 Mr Mojo Risin’ :) Apocalypse Now? Yeah was a good movie too although I haven’t seen it in forever. The way they speak on Deadwood is part of the reason I love it. The show was the same way. It was terrible at the end.