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I saw this too. Different sorce tho. it’s insane I don't feel Karen had inside info, she was just talking about the lying and cheating he had done on her I think. What was the toothpaste thing? I must have missed it. i agree this is a great finale to a hilarious sitcom. How did you ever find that? and what isn't on the internet, haha. Def not. i don't find her attractive at all. Well he did have that pull out couch hehe ;) Imagine taking women in there when the bar was open which is what they hinted around at...ew i might be in the minority, but I really liked it. Did you give it a watch? There are videos on YouTube of doctors reviewing medical dramas. I had always wondered about that too. Would be nice to have a cop do the same thing for sure for police shows. depends on the movie imo. A movie like Die Hard doesn't need a lot of dialogue like you said because it is billed as an action movie. Some movies are built on dialogue without much action at all. View all replies >