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No one talking about Cleganebowl? I was expecting Jon to prove fire-resistant s03e01 prologue: was that young Varga? Will Jon ride a dragon against the Night King? so Daenerys did not follow Jon's advice? Will Cersei forgive Tyrion now? View all posts >


The moment when Drogon melted the Iron Throne worked on so many levels. It was pure art. It makes sense both in the context on the story and on a symbolic level. I am impressed. [quote]That scene was jarring and weird. Bronn is my favorite character, but that was my absolute least favorite Bronn scene ever.[/quote] Unless... they are paving the way for Bronn to do some unexpected selfless thing... That would save the show! LOL, right :) [quote]Arya uses his face to get next to Cersei and kills her. Then says "the north remembers".[/quote] Not bad, but the punchline is too obvious. What about something like "the power of Christ compels you" or "you have two right feet, ha-ha" [quote]That was why they wasted 5 mins on her Jurrasic Park/Velociraptor scene in the library. They wanted you to understand how sneaky she is.[/quote] Right, that makes sense! I hadn't thought of that. there's definitely a pattern. that's a good answer. You make it sound much more reasonable. True. I guess they did this to surprise. good to know! View all replies >