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Bill Paxton's character died? Is this entertaining? Any good? The comments are now disabled on most of his videos on youtube Has a new movie coming out Anybody been able to find the Dirty Harry blu ray collection? Dirty Harry collection on blu ray This was really good! Packers are going to the super bowl this year Wish more movies this good came out now View all posts >


He’s been in some good stuff between this, Black Hawk Down, Heat, True Romance and Enemy of the State. I’ve actually seen like 12,000 or so, I’m not really one to seek out terrible movies. Any time you commit a crime there are 50 ways you can fuck up if you can think of 25 of them your a genius, and you ain’t no genius. Spaceballs Hostel The Matador Clerks Bloody Sunday Come and Get Your Love Yellow Submarine Ring of Fire American Pie Old Man Kryptonite American Girl Mr Bojangles I agree, she looked great in this. Dune The Matrix 4 Top Gun 2 The Suicide Squad The Tomorrow War Halloween Kills Uncharted Spiral Sherlock Holmes 3 Candyman Godzilla Vs Kong Without Remorse Those Who Wish Me Dead Captain Philips Con Air Coming to America The Descent A Few Good Men I’ll have to watch this at some point. Anybody? View all replies >