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Friends of Eddie Coyle, Dead Man, El Dorado, Man With the Gun, Farewell My Lovely, Enemy Below I wanna see like 50-60 more of his movies, same with Michael Caine and Christopher Lee. That reminds me of another height comment a different person said to me one time: he said “a good way to get girls is height”- would you agree with that? You must like being that height, tall but not super tall. Probably get mistaken for 6’3 with good shoes on. Yeah those 2 are very good as well Seen those, I like them a lot Yeah but do you think most people in their teens and 20s today know who he is? I don’t think so. Nah not with Denis making it. I’d rank them 1. Fight Club 2. Boogie Nights 3. Three Kings 4.Go 5. The Usual Suspects 6. Trainspotting Love all of them tho No but it’s definitley subversive like Tarantino’s stuff. View all replies >