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Jones70 (2042)


Anybody seen this? Do you have a breathilizer? Negative encounters with 5’8 guys Really curious to know what happened to him “That why you gotta get out and do shit” Thought of something that annoys me! How is this? Thought it was pretty good Anybody know if he’s friendly or not? A comment some made when I saw this View all posts >


Network A Clockwork Orange The Sting Dirty Harry Taxi Driver Apocalypse Now The French Connection Saturday Night Fever should be good Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands I've actually seen 50 now. Freddy Got Fingered, Along Came Polly, SWAT, Gone in 60 Seconds, Mindhunters, The House of Wax remake, Behind Enemy Lines, Armageddon, You heard the song love, reign o’re me by The Who? I love The Doors, The Who, The Rolling Stones, CCR, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles have some songs I like, The Beach Boys, Foreigner, The Styx, U2, Nirvana, It’s called Space Oddity rutger hauer is pretty awesome as well! I think she was really hot when she was younger. View all replies >