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“The contents of your safety deposit box have vanished” I enjoyed it quite a bit Any movies you think he might have been in if he lived longer? A part I find disturbing Songs you’ve discovered from movie trailers A question for all of you who like horror movies A line I really liked Best guitar player? How old do you think he'll be when he passes away? View all posts >


I agree it a pretty great movie! Interesting, I like Rutger Hauer and found this to be one of his better movies. Yeah I found this to be one of his better lesser known movies. I've only seen La Samourai and really liked it. I have 2, one is Men attempt to burn down house with Ragu sauce, the other was Man shoved woman because he wanted to eat egg rolls in her house. March 21 Deathtrap Frantic Primal Fear Thelma and Louise Shutter Island Damn that's unfortunate, was looking forward to it. Do you think he would’ve been happier/friendlier if he was taller? Like 6’3? Or was there something else he was bitter about? I liked Raven, Malone, Sharkys Machine, Shamus, Navajo Joe, Stick and Lucky Lady. Two Lovers Bug Grizzly Man The Devils Rejects I Heart Huckabees View all replies >