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The actor who played the sheriff Something I never got "Immediate disqualification cause of its involvemet with the big chill" A joke i didn't really get Have you ever heard him say he’s a fan of any white celebrities? Hope this will be good Hopefully it’ll be good! If Scorsese made a war movie Your favorite of these 10 war movies View all posts >


127 Hours Munich Escape From Alcatraz Dead Man The Falcon and the Snowman Just saw an article titled Spawn to shoot this year thanks to Joker success The Drop Sinister Seven The Brewers have been good the last 3 seasons. Been a lot of fun to watch. Zodiac wasn’t really meant to be scary for the most part. More of a thriller imo. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo(2011) Cop Bravehart The Assassination of Jesse James Glory Bringing out the Dead Killer Joe Tigerland I'll take that as a no Clint Eastwood is 89 and just made a movie. I doubt he actually will View all replies >