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What is wrong with Would you consider List of 5'11 celebrities who Ever get mistaken for younger? Do you think that Thought it was Do you tip your barber? Do you think it’s bad Did the warden Do you think it’s possible View all posts >


My mom not grasping the concept that even between Amazon, the library, and family video we still don’t have access to every movie and every show ever. People making smartass comments like that instead of answering a question. Yeah I thought it was just alright as well. still not 'little" tho imo He's listed at 5'10 my mom saying "don't be trying to watch movies online" They're not being a streaming service with access to every movie and every show ever Sports commentators who forget that Aaron Rodgers doesn't play defense David Fincher not making more movies gun violence in the usa packers not winning more super bowls with aaron Rodgers rob parker's face rob parker's trolling of tom brady us not going to more than 2 brewer games every year one of my old co workers saying "the majestic seems like it's your life still which isn't good cause it isn't coming back" more resteraunts not giving as great of service as dairy queen( them giving 8 chicken strips instead of 6) Skip Bayless hating on aaron rodgers you could have just named 10 anyway Bit of both of course! No whose been involved with the better movies View all replies >