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Anybody ever get Spielberg/Zemekis/ Ron Howard mixed up? Anybody seen the show Robbery Homicide Division? Anybody else seen this? 2012 was such a great year for movies! Movies from 2004 I don't like Older music that you haven’t been able to get into Which of these movies are you the most excited for? Rank these movies from 2000 Rank these thrillers from 2002 Any Milwaukee Brewers fans on here? View all posts >


Yes it can Yeah pretty much. Cast Away, The Terminal, Apollo 13, and Forest Gump. The Getaway I liked the Hospital a lot. Nice! I’ll have to watch this sometime. Sorry to hear that I like Nick Nolte a lot. Damn I was hoping this was one of his hidden gems. I love Michael Mann’s style! It should’ve been, man if this has lasted like 5 or 6 seasons, that would’ve been so epic. View all replies >