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Is he as great I think it'll be good Can all of his movies Looking forward to it Really excited for this Excited for this Really excited for this I think it’ll be good Really excited for this In your opinion View all posts >


15 out of 100+ isn’t much at all. Anybody know? Yeah John Candy died a few years after this came out at a young age. The other 2 who died more recently were 87 and 71. Not really tragic. "Looking forward to this" "Can't wait for this" "Eager to see this" "Anxious to see this" "Interested in seeing this" "Happy this is being made" "Happy this got made" I agree I think it’ll be good. Cause the joker is a cool character and Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor! Which ones would you say your the most into then? Drama?Comedy? Romance? Western? War? Documentary? Prisoners is the one I like the most followed by Place Beyond The Pines and Sicario. Anderson tapes, and murder on the orient express bump View all replies >