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Best movies dealing with the media I wanna fool around with her! Mackenzie Davis looks pretty badass! "You call this a glitch" Do you think it's funny that he's actually short? 3 things that have surprised me over the years Has anybody ever called you cold blooded? Seems like a douchebag Another negative encounter with a 5'8 guy Is it strange that I feel like I shouldn’t feel sad when actors in their 70s pass away? View all posts >


state of play Natural Born Killers Friends is kinda meh David letterman- had his moments Full House Fraiser I would respectfully disagree with him! From like 2014-2017 I guess there was but not know. Pretty soon I’m sure! I agree I’d love to bang the hell out of her! I want to do some performing with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning! She’s super awesome! Angelina Jolie alone is worth a positive reaction! It’d be cooler if I could make out with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning! View all replies >