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Leeland through episode 2.11 A great man…. What was that crap in the river? Waited 23 years in space but.... Meaning of final act ("It was you," "No Ray, it was you." Gilooly was a misunderstood guy... Jose Benavidez Miscast as Felix Should be called “Idiots on a Pole: …. If Natalia lived in my neighborhood Aliens (1986) was clearly a ripoff of this Movie View all posts >


I don't know. She strikes me as an older woman who is desperately trying to hold on to the last semblance of good looks she has left, trying to date younger men regardless of how attractive they are, and just needs a man of some sort in her life. She's clearly not a "leader" of any demonic conspiracy because she randomly met Leland, but she's a joiner because she wants to feel young and important. The fact that she's "tough" makes it interesting because she can slap Leland, but she always gives in to him and makes the wrong choice. Pretty sure they just told the cops about the underground crawl space. Either that or Leeland and Cheryl went down there and collected the bones for their next dinner date. She’s not a miscast if you’re trying to make an unrealistic lesbian murder mystery about a rampaging native Alaskan female cleaning crew that hates scientists. Its funny how Jodie Foster is struggling to play a hetero character at this point in her career when she is obviously a proud lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. As far as Kreese goes, while he escaped from prision, remember that he was wrongfully imprisoned to begin with. When he escaped, he may have beat up a few guys in the process, but i don't recall him killing anyone. The authorities know he's inncocent because Sting-Ray recanted, and it appears that Silver isn't disputing that he was the one that committed the assault. So in light of all this, I can see law enforcement maybe just letting Kreese go, and Kreese trying to pick up where he left off. After all, he's innocent. No, the monkey killed at least 2 of them. What a funky monkey. Ok, assuming some pretty significant facts. I think the time dilution would have started as they got closer to the planet, because if it happening right new to the Endurance, then the Endurance would have been affected as well. Which raises a bigger question. Why didn't they just bring the Endurance down close to the planet to reduce the effect of the time distortion? My man wouldn't have had to sit around with a protein IV drip for 23 years, maybe only 3 or 4. Hell, they could have brought the Endurance down with the landing craft and hovered it at 3000 feet. Something resembling a woman and not a caveman. I would still use her as a football. View all replies >