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205. You can't shoot people congregating at your front door through an upper level window. 178. Boys under the age of 14 with long hair are inherently stupid and their stupidity will cause great pain to their loved ones. You'll probably need to go outside of the GOT universe now. Maybe Aquaman or Gandolf. Cheezy, yes. Not to bad of an actress for a kid. Unrealistic? Well, we have dragons, witches, dead guys walking around, and 7 foot tall robots guys. So I guess having a 9 year old "house leader" is really not unrealistic, per these rules. Then again, neither would having a golden retriever run the house. So to answer your question, I think it's the cheese factor that bothers me the most. I can't see how a group of grown men (in a war footing) could possibly take orders from this little girl or let her make important decisions, no matter how well spoken she is or whose daughter she is. The thing on his armband. That's like saying Hitler was antisocial. Partial to vegetables, including egg products though and sometimes chicken or white meat like fish. But you're only 30. Wait until you're 117, then you will be sorry. Often times store bought meat is not truly meat because its processed, and its not really clear that meat would have fed them either. It would have made more sense if they had fished because of all the lakes in the area. So back then, you didn't have the internet. People had to actually go to a library if they were interested in learning about a particular animal, unless they knew someone that owned a book. Imagine how much our world has changed.... I can't imagine what I'd do if my only option to find out what an eastern hognose was to visit the local library and research the card catalog. View all replies >