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I can't speak for all women but it doesn't seem gay to me. What behaviour are you specifically referring to? Could it be something that is unique to the time period the show is set in? I'm curious, what prompts this question. What might make you question whether he is gay? Yes, they announced that this is the final season. Episode 8 is the end of the story. Yes, a couple of seasons ago Jesus and Maggie were having a conversation and he referenced the potential of having a male partner. [spoiler]Yup. the first time she didn't know he was her teacher and then later they decided to continue having an affair and to just keep it quiet. [/spoiler] Yeah, that's a theory that I heard. The "talking zombies" might have been people who covered themselves in "zombie effluvia" in order to blend in with the rest of the heard. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I didn't realize that they were putting Bobby and Mary together romantically. I just thought they were close friends because of all they've been through. Oh god, I don't want to see those two together. As weird as saving Benji's teeth? LOL I saw it as a way Rick (who thought he was dying) was making peace with people he didn't have the chance to. He saw Herschel because felt guilty that Beth and Glen died, leaving Maggie alone. He saw Shane because even Shane could be an asshole, they were best friends since they had been in school and felt guilty about having killed him even though it was life or death. He felt guilt over Sasha's death because she basically sacrificed herself for Alexandria after she lost her brother Tyrese and her lover Abraham. So yeh it was in his mind, but he was making peace with people he felt he had some unfinished business with. I think the show is toast, or at least it should be. I think TWD stopped being TWD when Carl died. Now that Rick is being killed off, it's complete. There's talk that they are going to make Daryll "The New Rick" which means the show will even be less TWD because Daryll isn't even in the graphic novel. It's going to take a lot to keep me around if they don't do something pretty spectacular. View all replies >