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Great photo! Did Walter White ever have a bandaged hand? Who was the man with the burned arm, being fed by Samwell Tarly, imprisoned at the The Citadel? View all posts >


underrate Question was: <blockquote><b>how can you quintuple your money in a depressed market?</b> I don't think it's even mathematically possible with stocks barely fluctuating</blockquote> My answer was a link to: <blockquote>Financial instruments are monetary contracts between parties. They can be created, traded, modifiedand settled...</blockquote> There are many options, not just buying/selling stocks. What's bad about it? [url][/url] Casts from past shows, show up all the time? you make no sense! People say it's problematic that '[i]Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents[/i]'? We're going to pretend public officials are good, if the information is provided by foreigners? View all replies >