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This show is unrealistic because Moral of the story... Ok, so we finally see Michael & Lucifer duke it out.. Sometimes, this show just doesn't make any sense. View all posts >


I'd put Natalie Portman as my #1 15 years ago, but sadly she hasn't aged very well. Coby would probably be somewhere in my top 10. Karen... not so much. Zoe, well, I'm mainly attracted to white women, so she doesn't do much for me. Brie Larson is pretty smokin'. I think I'll give her #3. Scarlett is probably my #1 pick in general, not just for the MCU. Can't think of a woman I find more attractive. In terms of attractiveness? 1. Black Widow 2. Scarlet Witch The rest aren't even in the same league. I didn't like either movie, but CM was much better than BvS. That isn't saying much. Shazam is where it's at. Goddamn that was a good movie. Odin at full power would smack Thanos around like he was Screech from Saved By The Bell. Wouldn't even be a fight. He wouldn't need the help of any other Asgardians. In fact, this very thing happened once in the comics and Thanos got wrecked. That's assuming Thanos doesn't have any infinity stones at the time of said fight, obviously. It makes perfect sense if you've paid enough attention to the story. There's hardly any people here period, much less famous ones. If the actors lurk anywhere on the internet, it would probably be Reddit... not here. Daenerys getting broken in by Drogo for the first time. Lucky bastard. Nah I'd just cum in her. I don't really know. I go back and forth depending on my mood. The main point I was making, though, is that if life inevitably ends, then nothing really matters. Things, thoughts, emotions, deeds whether good or bad, only "matter" in that they affect people, are remembered, and felt. If your life ends, everybody else whose life you affected ends, then eventually, even the memory of things you've done also ends. Now, if we have immortal souls or some such, then things have the potential to have meaning... potential. They still might not really matter. Even concerning this, physical death is still inevitable (as far as I know) whether existence continues or not... so physical life STILL isn't necessarily something to be cherished. The other point I was making with my original post, is that if I'm going to die anyway, and it's inevitable, I might as well die for a "good" cause like saving somebody. It's because I'm somewhat nihilistic that I would willingly give my life for another person... not in spite of it. Strange huh? I also have a miserable life. I'd give you my last spot on the life raft because I kinda wanna die anyway. Bingo. Nothing has any meaning. View all replies >