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Under Pressure 39 You're My Best Friend Bohemian Rhapsody Tie Your Mother Down Haha - true! Probably. She writes a book where she comes out with the "bombshells" about being sexually abused (which was a total stretch) as a child...........But, only comes out with Harvey and these three rapes when it's convenient. Does bringing it up on twitter 20 years later count? Thanks for your reply. I hate the your male so you have no say in what happens to babies argument.............Roe v Wade was decided by 9 males. This is what I never understand. I wasn't aware that she had said this a month ago. She put it on twitter today, as well, in reaction to the Alabama law. So, I read her book and it's been a while, but my memory is that she seemed to really be making a stretch to declare that she was a victim of sexual assault - for something that happened at some bowling alley when she was like 9 years old............And, it wasn't rape. It was harassment of some much less form. So, if she was raped three times, why didn't she just put that in the book? I can't stand her, but I didn't come up with anything regarding her getting paid. Is this why she's inserting herself into all this political stuff? To keep her name relevant? Exactly! View all replies >