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Popcorn? Greatest line in the movie .... GET DOOOOWWWNNN! WTF are all the PEOPLE???? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WTF did I just watch? What's with the music? Purple drink on side of the walk way? Ahhhh ... Nothing says funny like kids and suicide View all posts >


Cool! NOT even close. I came on here to see if anyone else saw this and thought ... Burt Reynolds. Too funny. He looked just like him. I looked to see if perhaps it was his kid or grandkid or something. Um.... Dude had women in bikinis hanging up in his cubicle. It's an over the too joke for clear cut sexual harassment. There is no debate. That's why it was over the top. Try this ... Go into work tomorrow and to a woman that you barely know talk about your "half boner". See what happens. Fart Pod. Uhhhhh... Yea. Romeo & Juliet. Not really a happy ending. Pretty realistic minis the fact that his gun seemed to shoot hundreds of bullets before needing to reload. $10 too much. This made me LOL. Thank you for that. I agree as well. View all replies >