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Hey, here's an idea... Tries too hard... Not a bad movie YOUNGSTOWN ROCKS! Either I'm first or... What is this? Good flick .... If you are 7 What in God's green earth did I just watch? Dwight Schrute's brother? Pretty decent little Christmas movie View all posts >


This list is pretty much exactly my thoughts. I upvote this. This movie had half way decent actors. But the movie itself (including the barge people in rubber masks) we're really bad. I barely survived and I don't recommend. I had to come here and see if anyone was saying the same thing about Tiffany. She wasn't very good in this at all. The movie went flat anytime she was on the screen. Bizarre movie that took too long to get where it was going. I kind of agree. I mean, what is the point as far as a consumer watching experience? It has some moments but they are few and far between. Watching a film about people killing themselves isn't really that entertaining. Might as well just watch the news. I concur. A complete waste of 102 minutes. If you truly believe this is the WORST Christmas movie ever, please go watch a movie called Red Christmas and then get back to me. Did we watch the same movie? What was interesting about it may I ask? I looked through all your replies and made corrections where necessary. Doesn't has an '. Learn to spell. :) View all replies >