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M-O-O-N! That spells shitty detective! So...was that a gold plated squeegee? Why pick Mike as a patsy? Since we've waived bye bye to realism That immigration court scene with the kids I think we can all agree...(tiny spoiler) Season 3 finale-spoilers Smartest character in the movie was the little girl So what exactly was the point of Bran being the Three eyed Raven? So what happened to the Dothraki after Dany? What purpose does the Nights Watch serve now? How are they preserving those other timelines So Thanos ultimately failed to wipe out 50%, but... Is the ending all that happy?(spoilers) How awesome was(spoilers) That fool in the grocery store This apocalypse doesn't seem as plausible as A Quiet Places After watching this I'll never complain about a boring workday again How would a few million be enough to make people take on Frank` Its so weird that I initially hated the ferengi characters!