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The Damned Joker actually predicted 2020 Why did the daughter think Couldn't Tom have just done a partial Liver transplant with his clone? I still don't get the conservative uproar over this movie Well this explains why Gotham needs Batman How in gods name did he survive that? Had the bad guys waited another 5 years How in gods name did he get himself kidnapped? So was the reveal that(spoilers) View all posts >


Better question is, how was she physically able to make him cut his own throat at the end? I'm fairly confident that even if my invisible wife caught me off guard, there's no way she could physically overpower me enough to accomplish that. Had it been Beyonce, he never would have offed himself. Well say you're right and Nanette gets charged. Good thing for her is that her digital clone would definitely hear about it and probably reach out to the authorities and let him know what Daly was doing and how he died. Stealing DNA, creating digital clones, and torturing them has got to break some sort of law in that society. The godamned paint should have been all she wrote for his invisibility. No way would 100% of the paint just wash off that easily. It has to be trolling. I refuse to believe that anyone is that stupid without it being on purpose. Pretty sure either one is the catch of a lifetime. Though given a choice, I'd go with Ana only because of that Keanue Reeves movie where she seduces him. Not true. She was referring to some of the awful people(of which there are many) who support Trump. The jackasses who promote homophobia and xenophobia or push conspiracy theories are prime examples. And you can definitely live in California and still be a deplorable. The state has millions of right wing voters. They just happen to be vastly outnumbered by moderates and liberals. Hunting and killing anyone could be satire depending on the script. This movie is definitely satire. Well the 125 pound girl was a Marine and Iraq war veteran. Not a stretch to assume that person would be the ass kicker amongst a bunch of rich clowns and right wing chickenhawks. As far as the rich peoples skills, had you seen the movie, you would know that they apparently had trained for the better part of a year for this little hunt. Not saying that amount of time could turn them into seal team six level warriors, but it would certainly make you competent enough to hunt down the idiot goons shown in this movie. I don't know why you think a bunch of random people in flyover states would automatically be a bunch of Rambo's in this situation. There is a world of difference between occasionally shooting at the range or hunting deer vs waking up in an unknown situation where you are surrounded by landmines, punji sticks, C4 rigged booby traps, and a bunch of people with superior firepower shooting at you in an open field. Most people trained or not would probably die under these conditions. View all replies >