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Had the bad guys waited another 5 years How in gods name did he get himself kidnapped? So was the reveal that(spoilers) Whats up with season 3? M-O-O-N! That spells shitty detective! So...was that a gold plated squeegee? Why pick Mike as a patsy? Since we've waived bye bye to realism That immigration court scene with the kids I think we can all agree...(tiny spoiler) View all posts >


I didn't watch Dexter simply to see him chop up bodies, but had there been an episode where he dismembered them using an ice cream scoop, I'd still point out the lack of realism and say it was a poor decision on the directors part. None of us are saying that this 30 second scene makes the movie bad, but it's a pretty big WTF moment that we wouldn't have expected from a director like Scorcese. I'm sorry but the scene looked ridiculous, simply because it showed the realism of DeNiro's age. That was a geriatric man getting into a nursing home fight. I thought DeNiro was going to fall over and hurt himself. For context, go back and watch Goodfellas where they beat the hell out of Billy Batts. Now that is what a late 30's gangster should look like kicking the crap out of someone. The Irishman was just sad. A Marvel movie flop hard? LOL I really doubt it. The worst MCU movie was probably Iron Man 2 and even that was mediocre and still made plenty. Who the hell talks like that outside of Charlottesville rallys? Stating "fucking dirty Muslims" out in public would have you instantly labeled as an awful racist. Do it at work and you don't have a job anymore. Pesci still looked like an octogenarian even after the CGI. The part where he referred to a grandfather looking DeNiro as "the new kid" was hilarious. I just watched the scene where "younger" DeNiro beats up the store clerk and he still moved like an 80 year old man weakly kicking someone. That scene looked totally silly. Given the two choices of either fighting the most powerful being in the universe(with that glove he's basically god) who has already decimated you once, or going on what is essentially a milk run through time to gather the stones, I'll take the latter choice. Seems like the time heist would have much better odds of success. Returning the stones to the exact point in time they were taken only prevents the stones from being absent from that timeline and them having no defenses against threats like Dormomu. It doesn't undo anything they did to get the stones in the first place. In those timelines, Cap still outed Hydra and fought himself, Loki still bolted with a Tesseract, and now theres a timeline with no Thanos since he's dead. Don't forget the sequel. Sperminator 2: Jizzment day You are 100% correct. Bran, for all the build up, added nothing to the story. If he and Rickon had both hypothetically died back in Winterfell, absolutely nothing would change. Other than giving us a few flashbacks, his raven powers did fuck all to help. View all replies >