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Her ex-husband was a moron Last week, the plot of this movie seemed completely farfetched For those who don't believe white privledge is real, just look at this shit today! Kind of odd that Garret basically had super powers So did we just see Wonder Woman rape a man??? Absolutey insane if Boseman doesnt get an Oscar for this The MAGA crowd ain't gonna be happy about this one Only one thing from the first movie needs to come back This fool seriously didn't fill up every container he had with water??? The first time in four years i've ever actually wanted to hear from Trump View all posts >


Even Samwell had a better story than Bran. Those Bran scenes in the early seasons of the show were just awful. It actually did get a bit interesting in the Tree with the flashbacks, but then it immediately goes back to being awful for the remainder of the show. The sad thing is that even though he's a twice impeached national embarrassment, whose sown nothing but chaos and division in his four years in office, he'd probably still win the Republican primary. That blind cult like following is unshakable. I'm guessing it will be titled "I take no responsibility!" Ivanka does come off like Hilly from the help, so this makes sense. Lol Trump is clearly going down as one of the worst US Presidents of all time, his name is so tarnished that most of his own party wants nothing to do with him, and history will not be kind to him, his vile family, or his cult like moron supporters. But feel free to live in your conspiracy theorist bubble where 1+1 actually equals 3 and it's the big bad media covering up the truth. That definitely works just as well! Do you know a thing about her other than her race? Given her history as a Prosecutor and cozy relationship with law enforcement, the blue lives matter crowd should be ecstatic with Harris. She may be black, but she is no friend to BLM. The Coup Klutz Klan! Lost two popular votes Impeached twice Banned from all social media Business is pretty much toxic at this point Yeah, he's so awesome! What I think is you're the type of simple-minded jackass who accuses everyone who disagrees with him politically of "hating America". View all replies >