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That sounds like torture! Literally! Like a hardcore Marvel fan goes to actual hell, and the devil sentences him to an ironic torture like watching the same movie over and over until he goes batshit insane. Being wealthy as a child doesn't automatically make your life better and it sure as hell doesn't make you a better person. Most would make the argument that entitlement throughout ones life will produce a shitty adult. He was clearly an entitled prick at the beginning of the movie and was a much better human being by the end, so if anything, his dad saved his life. Nothing pisses off a troll more than when nobody takes the bait. They probably mostly just become Martha's, with a select few devout ones(nutjobs) becoming new Aunt Lydias'. As awkward as this was, I laughed my ass off when he said "I fucked a polar bear". I thought it was good. It was no USS Calister, but it wasn't bad either. Truth! If I learned anything from the Wire, it's that no matter if you are innocent or guilty, the only word out of your mouth when the cops ask you a question is lawyer. Damn I didn't even think of that(apparently neither did the cops). According to wikipedia, he committed at least three other rapes the around the same time as the central park attack, so they definitely had his DNA in an evidence lab somewhere, yet they never matched it. That is nuts. You'd think that would be one of the first steps in the investigative process. Just wait until you get to the fourth part, which is mostly about the only boy(emphasis on the boy) that got sent to Rikers island. It is heartbreaking! "He committed murder. He's a would-be king who's a queenslayer. No-one would want him to rule over them." The story they told everyone just as easily could have been, he killed his aunt for trying to usurp his rightful throne. Besides, rightful claims and treason are really just a matter of whose in power. View all replies >