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Whats up with season 3? M-O-O-N! That spells shitty detective! So...was that a gold plated squeegee? Why pick Mike as a patsy? Since we've waived bye bye to realism That immigration court scene with the kids I think we can all agree...(tiny spoiler) Season 3 finale-spoilers Smartest character in the movie was the little girl So what exactly was the point of Bran being the Three eyed Raven? View all posts >


Yeah Todd is a sociopathic piece of Garbage, but Plemons is great in everything he's in. His season of Fargo was fantastic and he probably did one of the best Black Mirror episodes. Bruce Wayne is richer than his parents were and is as selfless as they come, yet even he can't fix Gotham with just his money and influence alone. Hence, the need for Batman. You can't take Gothams shittiness as evidence that the Waynes weren't trying to help. That corruption runs crazy deep. When he made that remark about the poor not working as hard as him, I instantly hated him. They basically portrayed him as the typical rich guy who was born on 3rd base, but acts like he hit a triple. LOL 85% of elected officials, law enforcement, CEO's, and journalist are white males. In what world is that oppression? You're just unhappy that you live in a US where white males only have most of the power instead of all of it. Why would you skip it? A society scapegoating and oppresing a minority segment of it's populace is nothing new(it's actually old as hell), nor is it isolated to the US. Why do conservatives even have TV's, when you (allegedly) skip the majority of the content due to your thin skins. Don't forget about those blind screaming fish! Look at Slavery in the US. Slaves were born into that life and very indoctrinated by the slavemasters, yet many would still risk all to head north just for the slim chance to be free, despite often not really knowing exactly which way North was or what would happen if they made it. Exactly. Hell the 4th Purge movie is literally about the govt sending in hit squads to exterminate poor brown and black people. I don't remember a single person kicking up a fuss over that movie. " In the final action scene where it goes from night, to a sunny day, to a stormy day within the space of a few minutes. " Sounds like someones never been to the south pacific. Fast weather changes happen regularly. Now a man being able to jump from the 30th floor of a building, smashing through a thick plate glass ceiling, and landing on a car without ending up a bloody mess is far more unbelievable. How are Conservatives a specific group of people, but poor people aren't? The Purge is literally about hunting poor people. Especially the 4th one. View all replies >