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Who killed the dogs? Am i the only one who thinks he is a horrible actor? Guns don't exist in this universe? funniest person ever? funniest person ever? maybe he was not the red baron where did he come from? Another superhero movie? Is Hollywood running out of ideas? what kind of people enjoy such a rubbish borderline pedophile show? View all posts >


interesting it seems everyone is very aware of melanoma levels good point, that makes no sense wait! has he been working out?? so you are fully retarded and dont like the movie? GOOD. how bout no? which political agenda is in aladin? enlighten me pls i once had a woman like her still hurts to think how stupid i was to let her go, that hurts too bro yes in my face please why i don't get it lol? rotten tomatoes score is the most retarded movie scoring system out there imdb sucks too but slightly more accurate View all replies >