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Nothing will change Karen Gillan confirms she will appear in Thor 4 Karen Gillan confirms she will appear in Thor 4 Thor 4: Matt Damon Cast In Marvel Sequel Trailer is here Nicholas Cage fights killer animatronics in first trailer for Willy’s Wonderland ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Jumps Up To March 26 In HBO Max & Theatrical Debut Woman kills monster because men cant and then... How does noone find out he is immortal? Nothing will change! Hardcore B Movie Trash View all posts >


LOL good point well idk if its reverse racism? A GAVE IT A 10 TOO , its norbit! nah, bro he played norbit bro tenet was just a cheap copy of this! we all know it! of course its a masterpiece! norbit! yeah they would be crazy to waste such a popular character like loki, he will get a spinoff for sure sorry idk bozo :( not a good actor, a GREAT actor, he will be greatly missed! View all replies >