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Is this funny if you are dumb? How boring on a scale from 1 - 10? Overrrated Shitfest? DISNEY STILL MILKING THE FRANCHISE AND RETARDS WILL LOVE IT Controlled Puppet of the elites Strange Pedo Vibes Transgender Millennial Makeover Of History Milking the Franchise and full retards will love it Looks good, will you watch this? Who should be the next James Bond? View all posts >


you get triggered too easily, why are you even defending this shit movie bro? did you see the cgi de niro?? i mean we havent talked in ages and this is how we meet? kinda sad man,but hey you kinda started it i guess,i wonder what your intentions were. wow orb that was a good comeback man. i knew you had it in you, no pun intended. as masterpiece? yes a master piece of shit lol dude im on fire today poor mrmovie is triggered again, because his little world of mainstream full retard ideas are questioned. no reply buddy? orbitaaaaaaaaaal oh come on, i was just fucking with you brother i think you meant: "jumping and riding dick" right? LOL good for you View all replies >