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Did they put a chick in it? Put a chick in it Not woke enough to get money for budget or promotion Put a chick in it? Actually turned down a role in transformers - said Michael Bay is a dick lol PUT A CHICK IN IT:::::MAAKE IT LAAAAAME!!!" Emma should've stayed with Romantic comedies and such, this soft porn... Worst of Woke Awards 2024 ++++ Kathleen wins 4 awards sTUPID iNTERVIEW sUMMARIZED PUT A CHICK IN IT!! The upcoming female-led ‘PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’ movie is still in the works at Disney. View all posts >


Look out for a good therapist, good luck to you! 1. wrong you havent disproven anything 2. what? are you having a psychotic episode? 3. you said that you have that knowledge 4. whataboutism 5. off topic ramblings sorry but you still have zero arguments, you insulted me before without any reason, you keep going off topic, and also i have the feeling you have a psychosis or personality disorder.i am assuming, borderline, or narcissism. get well soon. You have exposed yourself as someone , who cant debate! I asked you nicely to share your vast knowledge about Ornella Muti which you implied you have earlier, all you responded are insults and lies. Also accusing me of lying about having seen the movie, which in itself is so depraved and psychotic, it makes all your arguments look shallow and empty.Good for you. Noooo , he is brave and admirable! Young people should admire them for this bravery! Sorry, HIS/THEM/THEY/SHLONG sister! I cant help you, sorry. good luck to you! noooo youre not allowed to point that out! Thats super toxic to tell the truth! NOICE! The first and second seasons were one of the best Tv shows ever created! Please tell me more about ornellas vast filmography which you have internalized...very interested. hollywood keeps making the same the same predictable gender swapping etc., which extremely funny to point out...innit m8? View all replies >