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Is Craig trapped in the subconscious forever? would you still date her? Official Trailer & Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch to Premiere at Cannes 2021 Watching Madonna’s Truth or Dare is like viewing the world through the eyes of a sociopath How will they rape Indiana jones this time? Are there any similar movies out there? Name a good cast for a remake when you become a man, do you still get your period? aNYONE ACTUALLY PAYING MONEY FOR THIS? View all posts >


how is wanting boobs, a flex? do you even understand the concept of a "FLex"? bro you are a bloody genius! that boob theory is mastermind level. LOL not the cute lil boobies :(( so sad I think they would also not exist anymore or maybe be on hold until the next vessel is born? which 1 did eddie play? i guess i have to cancel my plan to go shopping in my skinny jeans in Pyongyang next summer :((( he said germany didnt deserve him, before he shot himself. totally self absorbed guy hmm good point. lol looool really? dating a pretty girl makes me gay? well, things are changing i guess. View all replies >